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  1. There are three common causes of dogs with eye feces: normal eye secretions, eye diseases, and respiratory diseases. 1. Normal eye secretions: Dog eyes have normal secretion functions like people. Every day, there is a little eye shit. Generally, it can be seen in the morning. In the afternoon, there is a little bit of millet grains. 2. Eye disease: The existence of eye diseases can cause increased eye secretion. Causes of corneal ulcers, eyelids, eyelids, third eyelid hyperplasia, corneal perforation, eyeliner, and dry eye, can cause eyes Increased secretion, it is recommended to take it to the hospital for treatment. The treatment methods need to be diagnosed after different treatment. If surgery is needed in the eyelids, corneal ulcers need to promote corneal healing drugs and anti -eye infections. 3, respiratory diseases: canine plague, flu, pneumonia can cause increased eye secretions. In fact, the lesions are in the respiratory tract, and the eye secretions disappear naturally after the recovery of the respiratory disease. It is recommended to take it to the hospital for the increase in abnormal secretions, and it is better to take it to the hospital for treatment.

  2. The causes and solutions for puppies to produce eye shit are as follows:
    1. Infection of inflammation. If a dog suffers from a certain eye disease, a large amount of brown eye feces may be produced on the dog's eyes. This situation is best to go to the hospital for treatment, and take some eye drops to see if it improves. 2. Your own problem. Individual dog breeds are born with a lot of eyes, or tears are easily born, or tears are prone to. This requires the owner to scrub the dogs often to scrub the dogs. Usually, it is necessary to do a good job of hygienic cleaning. 3. Some things have entered the eyes. Dogs are not very sensitive to foreign objects in the eyes. Sometimes there are small bugs entering the eyes. Although there will be slight discomfort, the dog cannot get it out, and then cause damage to the eyes, tears or eye feces, etc. Essence 4. Fire. Dogs become more common reasons because of eating food or drinking less water. This is more common. Usually the dog's diet is mainly a light diet, feeding more fruits and fruits, especially for dogs to drink plenty of water. 5, eyelashes inverted. Some dogs' eyelashes are too long, and their eyes are large, they will pierce into the eyeballs, leading to tears, which secretes eye feces, and the hair around the eyes is too long, which will also stimulate the dog's eyeballs and cause tears. Hair.

  3. The dog's eyes have eye shit, which may be on fire, or what small inflammation has his eyes. You can buy him some eye drops.

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