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  1. We seem to be able to see or hear dog fights often, especially when walking dogs, their own dogs and other dogs walk face face to face. The contradiction, even playing together, couldn't hold it. Why did the dog suddenly fight? The reason is the following 5 points.
    1. In estrus period

    This Dogs are irritable during the estrus period, and they will fight for or protect their spouses. In this case, what the owner can do is to try not to let his dogs contact other strange dogs.
    2. Breaking into the dog's territory

    The dog's consciousness is very strong. This consciousness is brought in their blood. They will use their own smell, feces, etc. to divide the territory. If other dogs break into its territory, dog fights may occur.
    3. They attach great importance to everything in their own territory, such as the food basins, cushions and other items they have used, and even their own owners. If other dogs want to compete with it, the dog will do it with them. The field.
    4. To compete for status

    Dogs are a social animal, which attach great importance to the level of level status. When two strange dogs meet for the first time, they will first judge each other through body language to determine their status, so that dog fighting incidents will be prone to occur.
    5. Use fighting to cover up your fear

    It small dogs such as Chizahua and Bomei prefer to pick the frame, but large dogs such as golden retriever and Alaska are very gentle. The main reason is that because the dog is too weak, it will use crazy noise to show themselves. In fact, it is a manifestation of self -defense.
    The suggestion of breeding dogs:

    The daily dog ​​breeding with dogs must be used to obey sex training. You can cooperate with some small snacks such as chicken stems during training. It will cooperate more, and the dog can be retrieved even if the fighting incident occurs.

  2. Because there are also war between dogs. There will be a time to fight for high and low. Fighting is just to snatch something.

  3. The dog also has jealousy. If it is a male dog and when you see a bitch nearby, you will definitely fight with the male dog next to it, mainly to attract the opposite sex. If the bitch fights, there should be any interests if there is no dog cub!

  4. The first may be to swore sovereignty. The second lesson is simply fighting. Third, it may be to compete for favors or food. Fourth, it may be to compete for a partner

  5. 1. Fight for food and toys. 2. Want to protect the instinct of pet Lord. 3. Graving the grounds. 4. Just playing. 5. Resentment for a long time.

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