1 thought on “How to take the name of a dog -raising business license”

  1. 1. The combination of digital English: The combination of numbers and English is named for pet shops. Two languages ​​are used. It looks more creative, bringing freshness, adding fun and foreign style to pets.
    2. The homophonic combination is used: a lot of excellent words and idioms have been retained. When naming pets, these excellent words and idioms can be used. I improved the grade and added a sense of advancement.
    3. Using poems cooperation: Ancient poetry characteristic cultural products, you can introduce some poems to the content of the pets. This kind of ancient elements into modern society will give people a refreshing feeling. Novelty and unique, such as the poem "The dog guards the peace of the night, the bird is happy year", it can be named "Shou'an" for pets, with elegant connotation. The above points are the method of raising the name of the dog raising the name of the business license.

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