2 thoughts on “What pet is best for Emei”

  1. As an Emei, these two babies are completely enough for you to upgrade. Blood stains can reach 85 to change high blood dragon turtles. This single brush baby is still good. If the level is high, you can use it. You can use it all the time.
    Is do n’t need to be symbiotic, you can add blood by yourself, and you have to be symbiotic, stupid!
    If you have good blood skills, you can also use a group of babies and team with people (especially when you brush, when you are young), you can use it to improve the efficiency of the team. It is recommended that if you are allowed, you can get an old group of babies, owls, ice silkworms, or whatever you can bring, and you can also use it in an adult, because you have to change with blood stains. It does not matter if you attack the low point.
    I I think roaring is better, the speed of roar leads is much faster than no roar, but a fire group can only play 6 monsters, and it is relatively single -brushing the baby to brush 20 monsters at a time. The attack is not prominent, but if the fighter group is used, this baby group is also a bit useful when brushing, there are groups and strong meat, which is more useful for Emei. This depends on your choice. Just be a roar and buy an old garbage group.

  2. The loyal blood J
    bb can help you bear a lot of heart attacks. If you hang up in the team, the entire team is fast, so Emei will have a loyal BB with senior loyalty
    The aura
    The dull
    This or weak
    If the last skill if you like to fight

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