Border Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrado ... Which is better?

Anyway, it looks good, and everyone is smarter.

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  1. Golden hair is docile, more naughty at an early age, and it is relatively quiet after adulthood, suitable for family breeding.
    The smartest border is the smartest, and the education is very good. He will not be educated not to raise it. He has his own ideas.
    Llara's obedience is high, unknown, not raised.
    The three dogs are large in size (specifically, the border of my family is medium, and there is no golden retriever on the next door). It will fade, so if you are dirty or dog hair, it is recommended to consider it.
    Iladder, I personally like the border. The white scarf is handsome. Golden retriever and Labrador look almost golden yellow and shiny.
    Wisdom, the more smart dogs, the more difficult it is to discipline, the more smart the dog is. You have to fight with him every day. There is a good example by my family. When I was a kid, I was too petty and did not educate. Now it is just a villain. If you have one hand to the dog, recommend the border, if you are a novice, it is recommended to be golden retriever and Labrador.

  2. I like Lala without hair loss and good training to help fishermen. Among the hunting dogs, the most popular is the Labrador Hound. It is widely used as guard dogs and guide dogs, and it is also an excellent water and land dual -use shotgun. In addition, it is still a trusted family dog.
    originated from: early nineteenth century, taking a salt ship from Newfoundland to the UK. I heard that this kind of dog was the earliest dog that was introduced to Europe. From Newfoundland, it is a good helper for local fishermen to pull online. In addition to being a hound today, it can also be trained as a guide dog for reconnaissance drug explosives. Its smell sensitivity makes other dogs be unable to reach. In addition, it is also a common partner dog. Various types of Labrador Hound are as follows:
    The service dogs are mainly used to assist disabled people with inconvenient operations. These dogs usually carry a backpack with a necessity of the owner's daily life. They can buy with the owner from the supermarket, put the products they want to buy into the shopping cart, and help the owner take out things after returning home. This kind of service dog can serve almost everything. From pressing the elevator to any wheelchair He can help with things that the owner can't get, providing the best service for the disabled.
    The epilepsy dogs are used to help epilepsy make preparations before the attack. It can warn the owner before the owner's onset of the disease, so that the owner can find a safe wait for the attack in time. Generally, the epilepsy dogs will stop the owner from going to let the owner know that he is about to attack, and then wait for the owner to be next to him until the owner is fully returned to normal. With the assistance of this type of epilepsy, patients can live more comfortably. Various assistant dogs have a strong connection between their owners. The help it brings people cannot be measured. The disabled people can get out of the house because they improve their inconvenience in their lives. Confidence in life!
    This dogs who comfort dogs do not need to do special training like the aforementioned dogs. As long as the dog's temper is good, it can be touched, no aggressive or too shy. Of course, you must be able to obey the owner Commands, such as sitting, lying, waiting, etc. basic actions. The dogs usually used to make a comfort dog are privately owned. They can follow the owner to go to various hospitals or nursing institutions to visit the disorders or lonely elderly people or young children, let people touch or speak to it, so as to comfort the injury or loneliness. Heart. To become a comfort dog, you must apply to the relevant agencies and evaluate the dog by the agency before you can send a certificate of qualification to the comfort dog. Of course, not the dogs that every medical institution will visit.
    The guide dogs are mainly used to assist blind people, take them through the road and crowded people, help them open the door and pass the obstacles. These tasks must be very special. To determine whether the owner's order should be obeyed, you must know how to violate bad orders to avoid letting the owner encounter it. Such dogs can only choose one of them.
    The work of listening dogs is to assist the deaf listeners. When an important voice appears, it is given warning, such as: doorbell ring, baby crying, when someone calls the owner's name, the alarm bell sounds, etc., the training has the training. Such a hearing aid is not only a good companion of the hearing impaired, but also the amulet of life -saving.

    The is not very coquettish!

  3. If the border shepherd, it belongs to the shepherd series, which requires a very spacious venue to run and move. But it is really smart.
    I think it is the best Labrador. If you have the venue, the border is finally recommended.

    The golden hair is not good and needs to be taken care of.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Bian Mu smart, Labrador, eat more hair loss, if the budget is sufficient, raising Labrador.nLabrador is better than the border shepherd. First of all, the amount of motion of Bianpu will have a large amount of exercise. After staying at home for a long time, it will be dismantled, and Labrador has a calm personality. Secondly, Bian Mu's personality is too strong, and it is more troublesome during training, and Labrador is obedient. At the same time, it is difficult to take care of the long hair, while Labrador's hair is short and does not need to take care of it every day. 1. Labrador is better than border dogs and Labrador than border sheep dogs, Lala calm and obedient to better nourish the border shepherd dog and Labrado are very popular pet dogs, but because the two are two Each has its own thousands of autumn, so many first -breaking owners are often difficult to choose. In the end, which is better for border shepherds and Labrador? In fact, for ordinary people, Labrador is better than border shepherds and is more suitable for home support. Second, the differences between border herd and Labrado 1. Personal borders shepherd dogs and Labrador are better, Lala calm and obedient to better support the border shepherd dogs with lively personality, strong energy, and large requirements for exercise. Therefore, the owner is required There are a lot of free time to take it out every day, otherwise Bian Mu will break the house after staying at home for a long time. Labrador's personality is more stable and more suitable for the most busy owner to raise. 2. Obestional border shepherd dogs and Labrador are good. Lala calm and obedient. Although the IQ of the border shepherd is very high, the so -called things must be reversed, the border herd has a strong personality, and the idea of ​​doing things follows her own ideas. Sexuality is poor, and it will be more troublesome to train. Although Labrador was naughty when he was a child, he would become very obedient when he grew up, so it was more worry -free. 3. The hairpin dog and Labrador are good. Lala calm and obedient to raise the hair of the borderful herds is very long, elegant and handsome, but it is easy to lose hair in daily life. It needs to be combed every day. It is more difficult to take care of it. Labrador is short hair. Although it feels poor to the touch, the owner does not need to help it help it every day, but it is easier to take care of it.

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