A female rented by a woman in Wuhan does not clean up and clean, how do you think of the girl’s behavior

1 thought on “A female rented by a woman in Wuhan does not clean up and clean, how do you think of the girl’s behavior”

  1. The behavior of this girl is really bad and very moral. This behavior not only hurts the growth of cats, but also disrespects the surrounding guests, but also a destruction of the house itself.
    表 just love cats on the surface, in fact hurting cats
    Many people who have raised cats, including myself, know that cats like to live in a clean environment, and cats actually love cleanly. The living environment provided by the renovation to the cat is just hurting the cat. Not only does cleaning and vomiting, such an unacceptable odor, it is estimated that cats will vomit when they smell it. In fact, cats will not cause odor in the space. As long as the owner is diligent, clean the cat litter pot every day and clean the room without affecting the living environment too much. In such an environment, cats do not get a good growth environment and even live.
    Self -laziness, there is no quality
    This problem of this female tenant is not to raise cats at all, but because of poor health habits. From the pictures of the news, you can see the floor and sofa. There are all kinds of dirt and garbage on the bed, and the bathroom is full of foreign bodies and toilet paper. This kind of environment is no longer suitable for normal people, let alone cats. This female tenant's behavior not only harmed the cat, but even the landlord and the neighbors next door were harmed together.
    行 This behavior allows landlords to increase the restrictions on renting
    The recent tenants to destroy the house frequently. Setting various conditions, the difficulty of rented by young people in virtually, allowing many people to find it, and cannot find a suitable home for themselves and pets. This is actually very inconvenient for some pets, because it is difficult for them to rent a house, but among them, not everyone is so unqualified. All tenants were killed by a stick.
    This is to let everyone be attracted to the abstinence. It is not allowed to do such an unsuccessful thing. At the same time, the girl in the news should also deeply reflect on themselves, change their own habits, and do not harm others anymore. already.

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