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  1. The general vegetable market occasionally sells cats. It needs to go earlier at the door.
    and pet shops. Ordinary cats will be placed at the door for people to adopt. In the store
    It in one is the pet market, this place. There are some places, there are no places

  2. The place where the kitten is selling kittens is generally in the fish, insect flower and grass market, and generally find the fish, insect flower and plants market, and you can find the place where the kitten sells. There are also some pet hospitals that can also buy kittens.

  3. This account is Netease News · Netease "Each attitude" signing account
    本 本
    I am a shit officer
    On farewell to the hot summer
    ushered in a cool autumn
    In a few days ago, a cat's friend and shit officer chatted
    Speaking of one thing:
    It now many buyers said

    It this situation is not uncommon
    In after all,
    Thenic cats are the highest quality of cat poison
    Dairy cats, short -haired cats, long hair cats
    will find
    The best sucking is soft and delicious little milk cat
    Let's do it
    If you want to get a cat
    This official hopes that it must have learned the lively and healthy survival skills
    When can the kitten be completely independent?
    when will the kitten vaccine?
    In April 12th's article mentioned
    when can cat cubs be completely independent?
    The cat cubs can leave their mother at 6-8 weeks earlier
    The can live independently in the 6th month.
    When can cats be vaccinated?
    In general, the cat can be injected with vaccine after weaning.
    The general time is: the first vaccine is hit in the 7th week;
    It the second vaccine is about in the 12th week
    How to take care of milk cats r r r r r r? n Please click on the portal of details
    "My cat owner is down!" Well! Intersection Intersection 》
    In the time of injection of the vaccine
    The smallest cat that completes immune is 80 days
    is three months
    then excluded others' gifts. Waiting for special circumstances
    Speaking of this
    , someone will jump out and question the shit officer that the shit is too absolutely
    xxx. Big
    The admits: There is no absolute thing in the world
    but do you want to do your best
    If you have the experience of taking care of milk cats and successful experience. Then
    First of all: not easy to take care, it is difficult to seek medical treatment
    @小 而 :: The cat and dogs just full of the full moon are really not recommended. I have raised it. It is not fun at all. If you do n’t eat, you sleep after feeding it, and you often step on it yourself. If you put it down, if you are sick for a month, it ’s hard to get a pet hospital doctor. ,还没有什么免疫力rn其次:没学会生存技能rn@ MOK丶:前几天看人家买了一只一个多月的美短,我第一个反应就是…这卖猫Is there any conscience ... take such a small cat and sell it! And it is still sold to an experienced master! Cangtian! Earth! There are still many owners asking me why his cat doesn't like to drink water, don't eat cat food ... How big do I ask? More than a month ... more than two months ... 10,000 grass mud horses pass by ... I go ... Malegobi ... Did the conscience of these people eat it?
    I say good:
    has no diamond diamond, don't take porcelain living
    @: A few days ago, WeChat cat friend and me told me that he picked up a exotic short hair that was only full of moon , I advise him: Get it back first, too small, not easy to raise, he said no, the cat owner could not agree, and he was beautiful, and he was sent back to be afraid to be seen by others. Yesterday he asked the cat in the group. I did n’t eat, and I had a fever. I said I went to the hospital for an examination. after awhile. He said: The cat is too late to rescue, and it is cold.
    The people will say that whoever has returned from the moon, and it is very good. That is the cats you do n’t know if you do n’t know if there are more small cats, because death is not good. Some people do n’t say it
    @不 知 那: I am all. There are also those who come to buy milk cats and dogs. It is best to be weaned. The smaller the better. It can be raised like this. Essence I was dripping in my heart.
    The above is just a real event listed by netizens
    This officials sort out four pieces of
    The post -troubles that may appear for small milk cats

    . Stress reaction: mental weakness, no appetite, diarrhea and other physical conditions.
    . Because the vaccine is not pressed on time, the immune system is damaged, and fried chicken is prone to illness.
    . Socialized behavior can not get exercise, see people bite, see dogs and dogs, full of hostility to the world
    . Refuse to use the cat sand pot, find a place where you feel safe.
    . Any other unknown unknown
    Oh right
    This also remembered a law about milk cats

    n In order to protect the animal columns, there are "five forbidden"

    Taiwan Animal News Network

    In reading full articles, please .tw/info/5197
    It 3 clearly points out:
    The cats and dogs forbidden to display or sell for less than three months of age
    I are said to have recently revised the Wildlife Protection Law on the mainland
    I have made a good example for domestic
    I I believe that the domestic animal protection law will also join the future
    It similar to Article 3 to protect milk cats
    , today the shit officer interacts with everyone in the message area The topic is
    The experience of raising milk cats to share with you
    The newly -promoted shovel officer who wants to buy milk cats
    Old shit and wait for reply
    What ah!

  4. General pet shops or local bazaar pets are sold by kittens and puppies. The kitten in the pet store may be better, there is no disease or bacteria, but the price will be more expensive. If you go to the local bazaar pet street, cats will be cheaper, but you cannot be sure if you are sick, and the price will be cheaper.

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