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  1. For pets, they are less love for pets than family members and friends. It is well known that pets' life span is generally shorter. The following is the longest life of cats I have compiled for everyone. I hope you like it.

    This of cats in the world's longest life span
    For pet cats, there is no specific variety that has a particularly long life span. Generally speaking, the life of cats and dogs is almost the same, 10 The old cat is equivalent to human 70 ancients. At present, the longest -lived cat is a Myanmar cat "Mrs. Catalena", born on March 11, 1977.
    The relatively long -lived cats
    The Chinese raccoon cat: China is the source of raccoon cats. It belongs to natural cats, because the varieties retained by many varieties of natural elimination in thousands of years are the most well -known is "raccoon cats change prince". This is also the earliest record of the raccoon cat. It is liked by people because it has very beautiful fur (also called flower cats) and healthy body. It is particularly easy to feed and is very good for catching mice. If you feed normally, you can usually live for 10 years, or even 15 years. Cat -breed enthusiasts in Toronto City in the provincial Toronto City were cultivated from a nest almost hairless cat in 1966, and they were specially cultivated for cats who were allergic to cat hair. This cat is a pet cat produced by natural genetic mutations. Except for the thin and soft fetal hair in the ears, mouth, nose, tail, and feet, other body parts are hairless, and the skin is wrinkled and elastic. Canadian hairless cat has a docile temperament, strong independence, no aggressive, and can get along with other cats and dogs. Life is about 10-12 years.

    Russian blue cats: Russian Blue, Russian, has been known as the Achi Aiji blue cat in history, and has three different names. Originally Achi Anji Blue Cat. The current name was not now available until the 1940s. In addition, it was called Malta cat for a while. Evidence shows that this cat is indeed native to Russia because the same cats have been found in the Russian cold area. Russian blue cats have slender, large and upright ears, small and round feet, walking as if walking with toes. Wearing a short -haired silver -blue luster, with a slender and slim body shape and light gait, showing the aristocracy in a cat. Life is about 15 years.

    Theborn leopard cat: The wide and improved tunnel head has a round outline. The head shape is long and width. The proportion of the head in the whole body is slightly smaller, but it should not be too small. A slow curve of the skull fell to the neck at the rear of the ears. The jawbone of adult male cats is wide. The overall head should look wild than other family cats. The perspective of Bangladesh Leopard Cat "and" Leopard Cat "zoology, they are not the same animal, Bangladesh leopard cat is a pet cat, and leopard cats are wild and wild cats. Leopard cats are a kind of cats with beautiful fur. , The back of the tail has a brown spots, black or dark brown at the end of the tail. Their body is slightly larger than the family cat, about 45-95cm, and the legs are longer. There are also many types of hair color, including light brown, yellow, gray -brown or reddish brown. In the north, there are often gray -brown. They are decorated with large or small dark brown or black spots. There are often four dark vertical stripes, and the limbs and tails are also surrounded by spotted patterns. In addition, a pattern often runs through the whole body in the center of the back. Their abdomen and chest are white. Their hair is different. The hair looks long and dense. When it arrives in the south, it becomes a short -haired cat. The leopard cat's head is relatively small and the kiss is narrow. Their chin is white, and the inside and cheeks of the eye sockets are white. The ears are relatively long, the tip is round, and the black ears are also printed with white spots. However, many people like abbreviations, but considering pets, these two names refer to one type, both of which are Bangladesh leopard cats. Life expectancy is more than 10 years or more.

    Norwegian forest cats: Norwegian Forest Cat (Norwegian Forest Cat), in vernacular translation, is inhabited in the Norwegian forest. The origin is unknown, and it often appears in the myths of Nordic cats like a fairy. The appearance of the Norwegian forest cat is similar to that of the Maine cat, and is the same as the Siberian forest cat. The thicker and strong body. The Norwegian forest cat has a strong limbs, the running speed is extremely fast, not afraid of the sun and rain, and the neck and tail hair are elegant when walking. Cats have decreased year by year, and there is a crisis of extinction. Therefore, in the early 1970s, trying to save and reproduce is particularly important. Life is about 13 ~ 16.
    The main physiological system of cats The cat's main physiological system
    The digestive system

    The teeth arrangement method of cats is different from other animal cats. There are 30 teeth including 12 small tooth teeth, 6 4 canine teeth and 14 molars. The first true molars located in the mandibular molars are usually large than other teeth, so they are also called carnivorous teeth. These teeth evolve so convenient to eat fish or bones with hard foods. There are thick inverted hook -shaped stratum corneum to facilitate the meat of the cat scrape the flesh on the bones.

    The cat's stomach is a slightly younger of a single -room gastrointestinal and a rabbit. The protruding. The liver is divided into five leaves, which are middle right, right leaf, left middle lobe, left leaf and tail leaf.

    The degenerative glands around the anus of the cat about four o'clock and eight o'clock are called anal glands. Anal glands automatically secrete anal glandular fluid. When the cat's relic is hard or hurts the anus, the glandular fluid can be lubricated to help the defecation. If the cat only has soft stools, diarrhea, and even diarrhea, the anal glands will lack irritation and cause it difficult to discharge glandular liquid and cause obstruction.

    The circulatory system

    This Cat's circulatory system developed blood pressure is usually stabilized and the blood vessel wall is similar to animals but sensitive to strong heartyl. Cat's red blood cells are uneven in size. The edge of the red blood cells is accompanied by a circle of ring -shaped, gray structures called red blood cell refractive Rene. Under normal circumstances, there is only a red blood cell refractive body with a red blood cell.

    The blood type of a cat is similar to the human blood type. The blood types of cats include Type A, B, and AB type. Type A cats can accept type A and B -type blood, but for small parts B blood allergies, a cat that has mild allergies B can only accept B -type blood AB -type cats. Cause severe hemolysis and shock.

    The respiratory system

    Cats do not cough often, but if the cat is stimulated by disease, mechanical or chemistry, it is easy to induce cough. The cat's lungs are divided into seven leaves and right lungs. There are only three leaves because they are close to the heart.

    The reproductive system

    Cats usually have five pairs of nipples in the abdomen. The uterus has a double corner. The male cat's penis only discharges the rear when the urology is urinating during the erection. Both cats and rabbits are irritating ovulation animals, that is, females can ovulate only by mating stimuli.

    The central nervous system

    The cat's brain is very developed. Its skull and brain have certain specific morphological characteristics. It is better to endure the brain and other surgical surgery in the brain experiment. In addition, the sense of balance and reflection function of cats are very developed. There is also a short -sighted instantaneous membrane.

    The response to cats to morphine and the opposite animals are the opposite of ordinary animals such as dogs, rabbits, rats, monkeys, etc. The central inhibitory of the cubes and cats are excited to the center of the cat. Cat's response to vomiting is more sensitive than other animals. The cat's respiratory mucosa is very sensitive to all gas or vapor reactions. All phenol phenol can also make cats sensitive like a worm phenolzide.

    The cats can adapt to large temperature differences but not long. They can adapt to the weather of thick fog and snow and rain, and they are more adaptable to these environments compared to other varieties compared to other varieties. When cats are humid, they will be committed to keeping their body temperature at 102 degrees 39 degrees Celsius.

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