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  1. Is Siamese cats (details introduction)
    The biological clocks of many cats are the same as the owner. They get up at dawn and sleep in dark, very regular. However, there are also cats. I do n’t sleep at night, and I am very energetic, so that the family can not rest. So, what should I do if the cat does not sleep at night? What causes cats to not sleep, and what are the solutions?
    1. First, you can prepare a super comfortable cat nest for the cat. We know that cats are very proud and delicate pets. They are also very picky about sleeping places, and they will choose those more comfortable and warm cat nests to rest.
    . Try to consume the energy of cats during the day so that it can sleep normally at night. During the day, you can give cat some toys to let it entertain and entertain. You can also take the initiative to interact with the cat, let the cat fully exercise, consume excess energy of the body, and allow it to sleep at night.
    The noteworthy is that if the cat does not sleep, in addition to the above reasons, as parents, they should also consider whether there are other factors. When the cat does not sleep, and at the same time, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, runny nose and other diseases, then you should take it to the pet hospital for examination first, and it is important to receive professional treatment.

  2. Although cats are also active during the day, they are more inclined to night activities. As the saying goes, "Night owls", cats are like this. The behavior habits of cats such as cats have been related to its many years of habits. Therefore, even if cats live with people, the behavior habits of their night activities cannot be changed immediately. If you want to change the habit of not sleeping at night, the owner will spend more energy in feeding. For example, since childhood, cats have slowly cultivated cats' habits. Moreover, in the daytime, you can arrange some activities for pet cats, such as playing toys, doing sports, etc., helping to consume its physical strength, so that the cat will lie down and just want to sleep at night.

  3. Special reason for the special trouble of kittens at night
    . Cat's living habits
    The ancestors of cats as desert hunters, usually when they go to night to hunt for food, and such living habits have penetrated the gene Now, even if they are not hunting in the desert, cats have maintained such a living habit. Especially the cat with enough rest during the day, the spirit of the night will be better! In order to consume these energy, cats will also entertain themselves and find some interesting things to do. For example, "Parkour", "Bumi", and toys in the middle of the night.

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