What are the procedures for dogs to enter?

I would like to bring two Norwegian (a little lover) back to China from abroad. Because it has been raised since childhood, it is only 14 months old. What are the procedures and what to do? Thank you very much.

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  1. Dogs entering China should provide a valid quarantine certificate issued by the official animal quarantine agencies of the export country or region, and the dogs should have electronic chips.
    In "Announcement on Further Regulating the Supervision of Pet Importing Quarantine Supervision":
    Eminal 1 that carrys inbound activity is limited to dogs or cats (hereinafter referred to as "pets"), and each person is limited to each time Bring 1. If you bring pets to enter the country, the carrier shall provide the valid quarantine certificate issued by the official animal quarantine agency and the rabies vaccination certificate issued by the official animal quarantine agencies. Pets should have electronic chips.
    It pets with entry in the country shall be quarantine and quarantine at the isolation field specified in the customs for 30 days (the interception period is included). Pets that need to quarantine should enter from ports with isolation quarantine facilities. Customs shall supervise and inspect the pets of isolation quarantine. Customs implement classification management of pets carrying entry in accordance with the designated countries or regions and non -designated countries or regions. Pets with the following situations are exempted from isolation quarantine:
    (1) Pets from designated countries or regions. It is effective Electronic chips, who are qualified by on -site quarantine;
    (2) Pets from non -designated countries or regions, have effective electronic chips, and provide rabies antibody detection reports issued by the accessible laboratory (antibody titer or immune antibody volume must be in must 0.5IU/ML) and passing the quarantine at the scene;
    (3) Pets with pets are guide dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, have effective electronic chips, carry corresponding user certification and professional training Prove and pass on -site quarantine.
    Extension information
    "Requirements for the People's Republic of China to carry inbound pet quarantine" stipulates:
    Plot 1 overall requirements
    (1) Pets (dogs, cats) carrying entry must be based on The Customs Law of the People's Republic of China, the relevant provisions of the People's Republic of China, the Anti -Plants and Plant Quarantine Law of the People's Republic of China and the relevant provisions of the implementation regulations, and accept the supervision of customs quarantine.
    (2) Chinese Customs shall implement classification management in accordance with the designated countries or regions, non -designated countries or regions.
    (3) One person with one person with a person with a person with a pet.
    (4) Pets carrying entry shall accept live quarantine at the customs port customs. According to the results of on -site quarantine and isolation quarantine, the customs are released, refunded or destroyed for the time for pets.
    (5) Pets that need to implement isolation quarantine must enter ports from ports with isolation quarantine facilities, and for 30 days at the quarantine quarantine specified in the customs.
    Reference information Source: Ganzhou Municipal Government Information Disclosure Column-Customs General Administration Announcement No. 5 of 2019 (Announcement on Further Regulating the Supervision of Pet Entry Quarantine)

  2. Pet entry passengers must be proposed during a seat or ticket purchase, and provided animal quarantine certificates. They can be checked after the carrier's consent. On the day of the opportunity, passengers should transport the small animals to the airport to check the check -in procedures.
    The container of small animals should meet the following requirements:
    1. It can prevent small animals from damaging, escapeing and extending the container damage to passengers, luggage or goods.
    2, ensure air circulation, does not suffocate small animals.
    3, can prevent feces from overflowing, so as not to pollute aircraft, on -board equipment and other items.
    Is carried by passengers, except for the carrier's franchise, cannot be transported in the cabin.
    The weight of animals and their containers should be charged separately at the standard of overweight luggage
    1 Specific procedures:
    1. Quarantine certification:
    You do it, how much is the cost difference
    2, buy a air box:
    The pet shops generally have pets for pets, tens to hundreds of, and they have seen plastic miscellaneous If the box/turnover box is equipped with pets, it is estimated that the airport freight is allowed;
    The water heater in the box should be prepared, so as not to wet urine
    Pet a pet suitcase. There are many sizes, you have to ask the size of the airlines.
    The water bottle for travel, hanging in the suitcase. Pets lick the water pipe water with your tongue.
    Pet identity cards, you can't buy it. In the application and foreign language, two texts are marked.
    3. Preparation before checking:
    It before booking, it is best to confirm whether the flight aircraft is allowed to bring pets, that is, whether there is a living animal cargo compartment, generally there; The company's freight department calls for a telephone, please ask the airport or inquire to the airport;
    If your pet motion sickness and airplane, you need to consult a doctor in advance and prepare the corresponding medicines;
    You can place some pets that pets you like in the box to reduce the anxiety of pets;
    even pets without motion sickness, it is recommended to fast before boarding the plane and urinate before boarding to reduce when traveling at high altitude to reduce travel at high altitude. Stomach discomfort and burden.
    If your pet has not been used by drinking water heaters, it is trained to use it.
    4, consignment
    three hours in advance to the airport to go through the pet check -in procedure, consult the airport ground service staff for specific locations;
    you can also entrust an air freight company to handle it. The cost may be lower, but you need to advance in advance More time to handle;
    The pet shops mainly dog ​​-selling dogs can also complete pets on behalf of pets, and they are delivered in different places.
    5, cost
    . 1.5%/kg of full fare, for example, a full fare of 1,000 yuan and a pet of 10 kg, then the freight is: 1000 × 1.5%x10 = 150 yuan.
    6, picking up the goods
    The at least an hour after arriving at the port to pick up the goods at the airport freight office, the freight office may also charge a 5 yuan handling fee.
    7. After picking up the goods
    The hours of your pets on the plane for a few hours of freshness, excitement, fear, loneliness, and restlessness, so you must first appease when you see it, and you must sit for a long time. The plane is easy to thirst, and you must drink water.
    8, other
    If your pet is in different places, you can entrust others to follow the above procedures, and you only need to go to the airport to pick up your pet. To put it plainly, it is aviation cargo ~
    except for guide dogs abroad, other pets must not enter the cabin with others. There is no concept in China. n Frequently travelers have small animals including puppies, goldfish, small turtles, etc., but they are often blocked when passing the airport security inspection. According to the relevant regulations of civil aviation, passengers can bring pets to travel randomly, but passengers must propose a seat or ticket purchase, and provide the animal quarantine certificate issued by the health quarantine department at or above the county level. Pet random check procedures. Pets should be installed with iron containers carried by the passengers, and they can ensure that the pet excrement is not leaked to keep the hygiene in the cargo cabin. Pets and containers and foods are delivered to the consignment fee at over luggage. For pets that are checked, the airport will place them in the oxygen cabin in accordance with regulations to ensure the safety of pets.
    Airport consignment procedures: three hours in advance to the airport freight office. The airport freight office is in the innermost wall of the airport and inquire carefully, and you can know it. There is a brand with a "freight office". Fill in the form first. After finishing the dog's cage, just the iron is enough. There must be a plate to prevent the excrement pollution cabin underneath. Then bring a cage to say it, and then return to the house that fills in the form to pay the money according to the weight, 17.85 yuan per kilogram, (this is the price from Changchun to Shenzhen, I don’t know if it is.) A pick -up list is fine. The dog is taken away, and you can also go to the waiting room to prepare for the plane.

  3. one. Understand the relevant regulations of puppy entry and cost

    First of all, to understand the relevant provisions of you to enter the country, you usually need to figure out: animal entry and exit procedures, types and requirements for documents; The inspection of the project proves whether the document needs to be fair; how long it takes for pets to quarantine and cost items after arriving at the destination country. If you have not been vaccinated, especially the rabies vaccine, the isolation period may be up to 6 months. All expenses incurred during isolation inspection, including food costs, medical examination fees, vaccine injection fees, etc. will be paid by you.
    The cost: Except for the possible costs that may occur during quarantine and isolation, usually each airline will charge fees at the pet weight (including a suitcase) at the luggage.

    . Immune certificate and passport
    1. It is necessary to do a detailed body test of the whole body. Including its cardiopulmonary function, whether it is infected with the virus, whether there is a parasite, etc. After the physical examination, your pet has a proof table -the health status of the dog and cat and the vaccination report.
    2. If there are still some vaccines stipulated by the other party, the pets must be injected a month in advance. Generally, antibodies will be generated after ten days after injection. After that, the pet has a certificate -immune certificate.
    3. With the health table of physical examination, you can go to the airport in exchange for the puppy passport issued by the People's Republic of China, the pet health certificate.
    . Precautions for boarding
    1. It is common for foreign pets to travel with the owner by plane, so foreign airlines have more experience in pet opportunities, and they are also tolerant and friendly for pets. At present, China International Airlines has no pets that can stay in the passenger cabin.
    2. At present, many foreign airlines allow small pets (such as cats, rabbits, and small dogs) to stay in the passenger cabin with the owner, but they must stay in the pet suitcase and place the suitcase under the aircraft seat. Dimensions of airlines have specific regulations.
    3 Some airlines only allow pets to put their pet suitcases in the luggage compartment. It is necessary to consult whether the luggage compartment has insulation and oxygen supply conditions in advance. If there is no temperature adjustment, pets will be frozen or hot at high altitude.
    4. After entering the country, your pet will be separated from you for a period of time, and you must be prepared for this.
    5. The regulations of Chinese airlines are to go to the airport to go through the pet check -in procedures three days in advance. Whether airlines in other countries have to go through the procedures or come to the airport in advance or ask them clearly.
    6 Even if pets are allowed to stay in the passenger cabin during flight, they generally do not allow pets out of the cage. If you need to feed or check the pet, you need to communicate with the crew in advance to avoid misunderstanding.

    . Give the dog a happy flight

    1. Training: First take a dog to practice in the car, the feeling of simulating the cabin, making it more "powerful" to resist motion sickness. Start with normal speed, and then gradually increase the brakes to train the dog's tolerance. But this way is only suitable for dogs of more than five months. Dogs of one or two months are not suitable for going abroad.
    2. Seat: The suitcase is the puppy's seat. The size can be loose, and there should be a pad with water absorption material below to absorb the excrement of the puppy. Before boarding the plane, let the puppy adapt to this seat will be less troublesome.
    3. Food: It is best not to let it eat too many things halfway, and it is best to fast three hours before flying to avoid vomiting on the plane. The road is far away, and he gives him some small snacks appropriately.
    4. Drinking water: Pets need to drink water frequently. You need to prepare a special water bottle in the suitcase and train your pet how to use water bottle drinking water in advance. If you use a water bowl, you may overturn your pet box during flight to cause pet discomfort.
    5. Health care: Many pets have motion sickness. You must contact your veterinarian in advance to prepare related medicines (such as halo or sedative). Even if you don't have a motion sickness pet, you'd better have a calibration medicine for urgent need. Drugs are best pushed into the pet's mouth with water solubility. You should prepare a spare syringe.
    6. Prepare some small toys, and the long road also pass some boring time.

    The immigration

    In order to reduce the transmission of diseases as much as possible, governments of various countries have strictly controlled the immortal animals, especially countries that eliminate rabies, such as Britain, Australia,, Australia,,, Australia,,, Australia,,,, Australia,,,,,,,, New Zealand has very strict regulations on isolation management. Regardless of these quarantine procedures, they will be punished, returned, or even destroyed. Therefore, the practice of trying to steal pets in violation of regulations to enter other countries is extremely irresponsible.

    Plife requirements

    1. The procedures for outbound must -have

    If you want to bring pets to live abroad, you must leave sufficient time to handle the office The required certification material. First, go to the portal quarantine agency at the departure port before leaving the country, and provide relevant documents (such as vaccine injection certificate, etc.). Those who have passed the quarantine shall issue the "Animal Health Certificate" by the portal animal and plant quarantine agency as a quarantine voucher for pets and when entering the other country. Then, contacted the Embassy of the other country to verify the exact requirements of that country. It is necessary to ask the veterinarian to check the pet before leaving the country. It is important to inject rabies vaccine for pet injection.

    2, transportation

    In the flight to leave the country, you should contact the flights you took to understand the special requirements and management rules in this regard. Traveling with a pet with a pet, the way is simple. According to the flight requirements, pets should be placed in a box that specifies the size. The owner contacted the freight department of the flight and query the accurate diameter (including the position of the air holes on the box).

    ~~ I look forward to satisfaction ~! ~

  4. The procedures are very cumbersome; you need to repeatedly isolate, vaccine, then isolation, then identify, and then vaccine. The puppy's final page basically becomes a little white mouse. My friends are because of these troublesome and strict money. After all, the dogs are emotional, but they still can't stand tossing the dog to foster in China.

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