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  1. Cats are a hairy animal. In addition to hair loss and scales, cats often have parasites such as ringworm, flea, toxoplasma, and have a hidden health hazard to the human body.
    Among them, the most common is cat ringworm. After the symptoms of cat ringworm are found, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid scratching and longer. Cat ringing is not difficult to cure. Most people can cure it by applying antifungal external ointment. For some more serious, oral antifungal drugs can be cured for one to two weeks.

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  3. Cat's claw disease, the same cause and name, is infectious disease caused by the cat's claws or after being bitten after being immersed in the human body. 40%of cats will bring this bacteria.
    Thisycodic disease is one of the parasitic diseases. Cats can infect this parasite through feces, but according to incomplete statistics, one -third of the world's people have bow -shaped parasites.
    Amersal disease, this bacteria will be on cat's feces and hair.
    Cat rabies, cats have a high chance of infection.

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