3 thoughts on “What kind of cats are the twelve constellations suitable for?”

  1. What kind of cats are suitable for the twelve constellations. If such a question, it mainly depends on what kind of personality characteristics of the twelve constellations. I will briefly give an example. If the Leo, you can raise some lazy cats , The fat cats, because they really love these cats, Leo itself is a domineering person. If he raises some lazy or weak cat varieties, then they will be more for this cat. favorite.
    Because the Leo people's hearts are domineering, they always have an inexplicable desire to protect the small things in this world. They like to protect people who are weaker than themselves, or protect some sticky people. Little baby, if he has a very sticky or weak cat, this kitten will seek the protection of the Leo in his life, which will make Leo people particularly happy, and it will be even more even more Love this little animal.
    Because he thinks such a weak person embraces himself, he must believe that he is looking for his own protection. Leo people will not refuse this requirement, and he will love this cat even more. Although Leo people value work particularly, he will also take good care of this small thing in his spare time. After all, this is a small animal he chose and protects. Most of the Garfield or Blue Cat.
    , although they are more lazy, they are more willing to get along with people. They are not like rural cats. They have a strong independence. If this pet cat, they depend on humans, like humans, are willing to be human, willing to be willing Getting along with humans and willing to accept human protection, so I think Leo people are suitable for raising some weak varieties of cats.

  2. Virgo, Aries, Cancer is suitable for raising. Cats like this kind of cats are relatively good, and they are very suitable for the character of these constellations.

  3. Like Scorpio, Aries, Cancer, it is suitable for raising the purebred cat, which is particularly cute. Such cats are particularly docile, their character is also very good, and they are very loyal.

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