5 thoughts on “What should I do if a cat bits? How to correctly deal with cat's attack behavior?”

  1. Cats lack a sense of security to attack people. Once you find that your own cat bites, you should go to the hospital to deal with it in time. It is not easy to change the habit of the cat to bite. Trust you, like you, and let cats take the initiative to come to you to play.

  2. Cats can bite people, shovel officers can blame it, but they can't fight. The cat is very revenge. It can also stick to the acidic things in hand. Then bite it and put it in its mouth. Essence

  3. I think that when a cat bits, the pet owner should limit the cat to one place, and do not let the cats act offensive; I think that the pet owner should not be impatient to the cat, but It should be patiently soothe your cat, which can relieve the cat's tension in other ways.

  4. If a cat loves to bite people, he should stop his aggressive behavior in time. If you want to solve this problem, you must understand what the cat is biting for the reason. Because pets are different from us humans, they can only express their emotions through their body language and private keys. So only by reading their body language can we figure out why they suddenly bite us. If you lack your companionship, your cat may want to attract the owner's attention.
    This is an animal that needs to be accompanied. Most cats may suffer from depression if they are alone for a long time. So sometimes cats bite people, in fact, I hope you can accompany him for a while, which is not an aggressive behavior. Of course, some owners, the reason why cats are bite, mainly because some kittens do not know the severity, and the owner hurts when biting. The response measures are to increase the time of teasing cats in daily life and accompany them more.
    This cats develop bad behavior habits. Some people like to tease them often in the process of raising cats. In this way, cats will subconsciously regard your hand as a toy, not your own body organs. So sometimes you find that the cat suddenly rushed over to bite your hand because he used your hand as a toy. In this case, don't immediately remove your hands from his mouth or paw. Because of this, he may grab or bite you tightly. After he relaxed, he slowly left his hand and then attracted his attention with other teasing cats. In the long run, he will think that your hand is very boring, and he chooses other toys.
    is one more thing, and I encountered some of his sensitive places in the process of touching the cat. Or the strength during the massage is not very suitable, making him very disgusted. He needs to bite you and let you know his attitude. In this case, just change the cat.

  5. First of all, we must let the cat recognize the owner, let the cat know who is giving it food, and take care of it. As long as you persist for a period of time, the cat will know that you are its owner. Generally, it will not bite people at this time. If the cat has developed the habit of biting people, then we must help it change this problem. We can apply some wind oil essence on our hands to prepare a grinding stick for the cat.
    The cats are in the conversion period, that is, the kitten from 4 months to 8 months, there will be a bit of biting, so you need to buy a bite toy. During the estrus, the cat will also appear because of emotional instability due to emotional instability Bite people, or the body is suffering from injury and pain.
    If you are bitten by a cat, you should use soapy water to rinse for more than 15 minutes with soapy water at home, and then carefully disinfect it with iodophor.

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