3 thoughts on “If you want to raise a little milk cat to buy it, buy it well or buy it at your personal home”

  1. If you don't care about the variety, it is better to adopt instead of buying! There are many troubles on adopting cats on the Internet, you can see if there is any near your home!
    If you want to buy a purebred cat,
    The pet shop is not recommended. Cats in pet shops are usually sold for private or cat houses, and there will be more pet shop commission! The price is not affordable! It is difficult to guarantee!
    It to buy the product is good, you can find the well -known cat house. These cat houses are surpassed by the fittest breeding, and the bloodline bloodlines are guaranteed! But the price will be much higher than the market price!
    This or private raising is not much different in essence. Both have good or bad raising, basically the purpose of breeding! The price is also closer! Some kittens can also apply for a bloodline certificate! Many big cats are also bloody for private breeding, and many of the descendants of descendants of descendants!
    This to buy cats in person to trade in the same city! To avoid buying sick cats or being deceived, it is too dangerous for kittens for kittens and easily infectious diseases! Before paying, it is best to go to a regular pet hospital for a full -body examination with the seller to eliminate cat plague, small, nasal, cat ringworm, ear mites and other diseases, paid payments! If the kitten is small, go to the seller first and pay the deposit after seeing the kitten!

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