2 thoughts on “What kind of cat is the cat that the child is playing?”

  1. Talking Tom Cat
    The Tom Cat [1] is a mobile pet application game, the English name is Talking cattom. The game is the first game of OUTFIT7 "Talking Friend" series. It first appeared in the App Store in July 2010, and the current download volume has exceeded 40 million times. In addition, there are computer games "Talking Tom Cat", "Talking Tom Cat 2", "Talking Tom Cat 3".

    Tom is a pet cat. He can respond when you touch it and repeat what you say with a funny voice. You can stroke him, poke him with your fingers, beat him or catch him with his finger. You can also upload your recording Tom to you to speak to YouTube or Facebook or send it to your friends through emails. Play with the Tom Cat who can only talk, enjoy joy and laughter.

    It many versions I recommend my speaking Tom cat because this version can be raised as it

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