4 thoughts on “There are a few red crusts around the cat's neck.”

  1. It is a skin disease, and fungal infection is like this. You can take a bath for a bath for the cat. If it is more serious, it will be twice a week. You can get better in the month. Do n’t stop the medicine if you do it. It will use more time to consolidate the effect.

  2. What is the red crust around the glutinous rice neck? There are several red crusts around the cat's neck that may be scratched by the cat herself, Ms. Huo's skin. Cause.

  3. There are a few red scabs around Mi neck? It might be that he was stuck when he accidentally drilled the cage, and then it cried. and also.

  4. This situation should be a fungal infection, it is best to go to the pharmacy to buy him a bottle of ointment for the treatment of fungi

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