Traveling on a business trip! With this set of storage artifacts, the luggage can be twice as doubled

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  1. Packing up luggage is probably a headache before turning on a beautiful journey.
    In addition to various types of clothes, shoes, socks, and washing products, girls also need to install small objects such as jewelry, cosmetics, and skin care products.
    and when you pack your luggage, you will find that the more you install, the more and more miscellaneous.
    If the chaotic in the luggage, it is very embarrassing when you encounter the box when the security check is needed.
    The moment when the zipper was opened, the luggage was as chaotic as exploded, let alone find what you want at a glance.
    and after arriving at the destination, you must re -clean up the things, and you must clean up and organize again when you leave.
    But no matter what, the size of the suitcase is always limited, so it is very important to use space to make a good storage.
    Actually, it is not difficult to place the luggage "one yard and one yard", just a set of reasonable design storage bags!
    Today I recommend this EACHY travel storage bag suit, so that you can classify, facilitate searching when packing your luggage, and save a lot of room!
    The storage bag has a total of 9 pieces, 11 sets and 13 sets of basic version. You can choose according to the size of the suitcase.
    EACHY storage bags also have a lot of color options. Each one is simple and textured. It is also very beautiful in the suitcase!
    It can be folded up when not in use, or as a home storage, storage of seasonal clothing.
    Because it is a waterproof material, you can use it directly from the suitcase and put it in the bathroom of the hotel to avoid being wet.
    Che frequently travel or university start, you can choose this storage bag suit to let the luggage neatly put.
    The storage bag feels thick, the quality is good, and the quality is also prevented from scratching.
    is not just that I said yes. The friends who bought it are praised, and it is much better than ordinary storage bags!
    This quality, high value
    Eachy travel storage bag sets of 9 -piece 75 yuan, 11 -piece set 85 yuan, 13 pieces of 103 yuan, and many illustration options, absolutely satisfy your face control need!
    It with it, when you make you travel or travel, the storage is more conditioned, more neat, and not messy. You can see what you want to find at a glance!
    Recommended reasons:
    1. 13-piece storage of capacity expansion, adapting to 18-32 size luggage;
    , simple illustration design, multi-color option, high face value; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; n3, buckle, zipper, beam storage bag design, the fixed clothing is not scattered, and the privacy is strong;
    . The fabric composite waterproof coating, soft, without odor, thick and textured!
    Plocked small programs to buy
    The expansion to 13 pieces of pockets
    The size of all luggage on the market
    When traveling, I am afraid of packing.
    but with this set of Eachy storage bags, it is definitely a good helper for your travel. Cure your obsessive -compulsive disorder in minutes and let you fall in love with the storage.
    EACHY storage bags can choose three different sets. You can choose according to the size of the suitcase:
    In addition to the reasonable storage, the storage bag is also very intimate in classification and details.
    The clothing bags are distinguished from three sizes S, M, and L, and also adopt a new socket design, which can be well fixed and not easily scattered.
    do not worry about folding clothes because of placing and sliding. After opening, it is still neatly placed. The design of the beam, the privacy and sanitation are very good, and the shoes and underwear can be stained with peace of mind.
    is even more likely that the hook toilet bag in 13 sets of 13 sets is so large that the capacity is amazing and there are many compartments and classifications.
    The small objects that are very good due to the inadequate shape caused by the inadequate shape, so that the suitcases have more space for the suitcase. r can be hung up directly after reaching the destination. It is particularly friendly for the bathroom with small space or small space. It will not mess up at all. n The fabrics are thick, waterproof, scratching
    This protection is not scattered
    The storage bag fabric uses a composite waterproof coating, and the surface stain towels can be cleaned gently, soft and odorless.
    In authoritative testing, Eachy travel storage bag suits have no fluorescent agents and formaldehyde without formaldehyde.
    and in your hand, you will find that the fabric is thick and light, the texture and weight are completely online, and the zipper is very smooth.
    The storage bag can also be folded and storage, or storage of seasonal clothing, and it will not be idle even if you don't travel.
    The illustrations on the storage bag are cleaned and soaked. Do not worry about it in daily storage.
    In addition to making you storage more organized and more neat, the value of this storage bag is also very high.
    The minimalist design of travel illustrations, the same color suit, the code is very beautiful in the suitcase.
    The basic 9 -piece set is 75 yuan, including sky blue, mousse cats, ice cream, cute bulls, gray:
    standard 11 -piece set 85 yuan, such as mousse cats, cute bulls, gray, sky blue, blue blue, sky blue Color:
    The functional version of 13 pieces of 103 yuan, including gray, cute bull fighting, animal world, sky blue, mousse cat, ice cream, lazy cat, cacti palm:
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