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  1. If you want to send it away, if you want to make people care for the animal reception, the Badaling Expressway-Beiqing Road Exit-Zhuxinzhuang West Exit Left (Beiqing Road) -In Aerospace City Youyi Road to the north of 2.5 kilometers to see the East 3 kilometers west of Yuhe Village. Beijing Changping District Base, China Small Animal Protection Association. If you adopt cats and dogs, you can also claim to provide a large amount of dog food and vaccine money. If you want to buy, flower and bird market, pet shop

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer my dear hello, welcome to consult me, I am honored to meet you. Now I see your question, I will edit the answer, please wait a moment for you to serve you immediately.nAsk questions, where can I recycle pet cats near Beijing Haidian?nAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you, and recommend it for you: Address: Songzhuang Road, Songzhuang Road, Fengtai District, Beijing-DongyuannIf it is a pet dog, you don’t want to raise it, you can put it in the pet shop to sell it ~nAre there any contact information?nAnswer you can call this call ~ 1580, 1604.048nQuestion [Bi Xin]nThe answer hopes that the above answers will be helpful to you ~ [Flower] [Heart]nThe above is all my answers, I hope to help you. At the same time, I wish you a happy life and convenient for the consultation.n7 morenBleak

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