3 thoughts on “Why did the cat mother eat the placenta shortly after birth?”

  1. The female cat swallowed her biological cat during delivery. This is a pathological state. This phenomenon occurs among young female cats and elderly female cats. The reasons for causing food habits are more complicated. It is generally believed that there may be the following reasons:
    1. Improper breeding management during pregnancy -induced feed lack of protein or certain minerals. Cat thirsty.
    2, the nerve type of female cats is too nervous, and is too much doting to the cat cat. If the cat is excessive, the cat's skin is fleshy, and even the internal organs are removed.
    3. It may be a kind of wild meat that shows that the cat is carnivorous when wild, and there may be dead tires in the produced cat. After the female cat swallows the dead cat, it gradually forms a quirk of swallowing.
    Extension information: Life habits:
    This can walk on the high wall without any things, jump lightly, and can't help but be convinced of its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the outstanding reaction nerves and balance of cats. It only needs to change the position and height of the tail slightly to obtain the body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of the rear foot to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the high altitude Land.
    is good at climbing high, but not good at falling from the vertex. Even when falling from or jumping from a high place, the cat was adjusted to balance the tail, so that the limbs with a cushion were on the ground. Be careful not to drag the cat's tail, which will affect its balance ability, and it will also easily make cats diarrhea and reduce the life of the cat.

  2. One is to supplement nutrition. It is not like humans. It can supplement nutrition through many channels
    . If it is not dealt with, it has a meat rotten flavor for a long time.

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