5 thoughts on “How can I convince parents to raise cats and dogs at home?”

  1. If we want to convince our parents to agree that I can let some cats and dogs in the house, then we should choose to say that we can talk to them. It will make academic performance very well. Don't let them worry. At this time, parents will agree, so I think this method is pretty good.

  2. If you want to persuade your parents, then you should tell your parents some benefits of raising dogs or cats. Only when parents know the benefits, we will let us do it. Otherwise, the parents' impression of small animals is not good, so Said that we can only let us go to raising puppies and kittens only after we say this, or we will definitely not let us do it.

  3. I want to persuade my parents to raise cats at home, I think it is possible. From their perspective, if we go to school outside, no one will accompany them, and if we have a cat, cats, dogs, There is a more atmosphere of life. In fact, I think cats and dogs should also like parents.

  4. Parents do not agree that cats and dogs at home usually have several reasons. The first will feel that you cannot take care of it. You can do it in front of them that you can take care of them. The second party feels that it is not clean at home. You can teach cats and dogs to make them habit and clean up every day. You can persuade your parents' problems and solve it.

  5. Tell their parents that they are very boring at home. If you have a kitten or a puppy, you may bring a lot of fun to their lives, and the kitten and puppy are not as difficult as they are expected. Care allows them to have a companion when they are bored. Talk to their parents, I hope they can understand.

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