5 thoughts on “The cats raised at home are very sticky. How do you educate?”

  1. It's normal for cats to stick to people! The cat likes to hold her and stroke her. I feel pretty good. The naturally sticky cat is a bit difficult to make it not sticky.
    The cat is very aura. If you want to educate her, you can say it to it. But the effect is not necessarily good, after all, it is animal. You can also repairs a warm and comfortable nest. It is best to bask in the sun and prepare some fun toys for it. I believe that cats will be happy to stay in the nest.

  2. Cats are actually a very sticky animal in itself. It should not be educated. It is the nature of cats. But if you have to educate, you may wish to use the principle of Baplov

  3. How nice to be sticky cats, pets can help you decompress. Your excessive education may make cats think you don't like it,
    After a long time, I started not to be close to your animals. My cats were too lazy to get on it.

  4. If you don't want a cat to stick to you, you can get a rope and tease it! It will not stick to you when it is tired. But sometimes, I feel that a cat is with myself, which is good! When I was young, my father went to the field to work, and the cat played with me. One Tmall ran away. I was sad and felt that a person was at home and was lonely!

  5. The cat at home is very sticky. You can beat him. He even hit him once, and he will not stick to you later. When you see you, you should hide.

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