1 thought on “What should I do if I just bought a pet cat?”

  1. When you buy it, ask the owner if you do a good job of deworming (internal and external), do you have any three coupons. If you do n’t do it, then you remember to do this for the cat. This is necessary.
    The must -buy pets, cat litter, cat litter, cat's claws, cats, cat water basins, nail claws, cat toys, cat grass, etc.
    buy cat food, you You can also ask what cat food it used before the shop owner. Generally, do not suddenly change the cat food, and use the stimulation of the cat's stomach to be small, or if you want to change it, you need to change it in 7 days. I do n’t know what to change food in 7 days to go to the online shop to see. The basic product introduction will be available later. If you change food, many people are fed from the royal family. Look, remember that cat food has high protein content.
    Make full water every day, drinking plenty of water is good for cats.
    The cat sand pot should be placed in a quiet and not noticeable place, so as not to be nervous, and do not put it on the edge of the food basin. It is not hygienic.
    The cats on the cat grabs, which will attract cats to use, regularly repairs nails for cats, don't cut too much, just a little bit. Making these two may not grab the sofa and stools or something.
    If you want to buy a cat's nest, it is best to buy the top, which will give a more sense of security, or you can use a carton to cut it yourself. You can go online to search. This kind of video.

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