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  1. Now most of the domestic cat families live in the building, so most of the cats are lost:
    1. Following the owner from the door of the house. Of course The phone enters the room while entering the room. Whether it is the master's entry or out, cats can easily follow the process of going out, especially the owner's process of entering the house.
    2. Fuging from the indoor sealing is more common in the screens, the windows that are not closed, and even the unstnthinated exhaust port, which may become a window for cats to escape.
    . See the interior first
    After discovering the home, the cat did not come to meet or sleep in a place where I sleep frequently. It is recommended to open the door to see if the cat fled when you entered the door. It's right. If you do not have the current floor, you can go back to the room first, search for carpet -type search in the room, and at the same time, you can use cats' favorite toys or foods to attract cats, so that cats can run out of the place of hiding. (In all this process, you can call the cat's name and make the cat's favorite toys.)
    In search for the indoor environment, do not let go of those unlikely places, For example, the drawer of the clothes; the kitchen is open on the premise of opening the door, a pot covered with a pot lid; behind the wall -mounted TV; the nest under the bed in the winter bed, etc.

    It at the same time to observe whether there are other scenes that may be for cats to escape, such as scratching screens, inexplicable footprints such as heights and other clues. If there is no above situation and the room is found in the room, no matter how the cat appears, then the cat is really likely to escape.
    . The search method of running out

    1. The golden time of the cat out of running away is the first day of loss, including a day and a night. I am very scared, its activity is 50 meters around the family.
    In the environment of the building, the probability of cat running upstairs is higher than the probability of running downstairs. That is to say, when the cat is found to be lost, first go up the 1 or 2 floors along your house first. Find, the probability of finding is relatively high. At the same time, cats can easily hide where your home is located in different floors (because cats can only remember the approximate position, but cannot remember the specific floor).

    2, when all floors have been found, but still not found, you can try to find it downstairs. At the same time, if you have friends or family members to help you search together, you can let your friends go to the community property first, because most of the communities now have installed cameras at the entrance and exit of the unit. Determine whether the cat has fled out of the unit building to save time for searching.
    3. The cat has been determined to escape from the unit building through the camera. You can pay attention to the hidden places such as grass and bushes near the unit building. Because the cat's courage is relatively small, it usually runs to a hidden place first, and it will run to a larger range when you are slowly familiar.

    4. If you do n’t find it during the day, you can bring a flashlight to find it at night, because at night, the cat's eyes are more obvious to the flashlight, which will be easier to find than during the day.

    5, the person searching, everyone brings a cat's favorite snacks or toys, which is more likely to attract the appearance of cats.

    6. The search of cats is a long job that needs patientness. It does not mean that it does not mean that it cannot be found at a time. The insistence of shovel officers is more likely to find the cat.
    7. If you search for no fruit on the first day, you can start to post "Cat Fun". Put a picture of the cat in a eye -catching position in a eye -catching position, and write some characteristics of the cats below, write the contact information of you or your family, and finally add the clues and help find the cat to provide a certain return to provide a certain return. (Don't write a specific amount here, so as not to attract the spy of people who are wrong, but increase the difficulty of finding a cat).
    . Prevention is the most important

    . Even if you finally find the cat, cats and you will suffer a certain spirit or physical damage, so the best way is to prevent it in advance Cat lost.
    1. When you want to enter or go out, please take a serious see if there are cats behind you follow! Remember that you are a cat, and you can no longer be as fearless as before. As long as you pay a little attention, the possibility of cats who want to lose through the door is very low.

    2. If there are often people in your home, you can install a cat fence at the place where you enter the gate. In this way, the cat can be kept away from the door, thereby reducing the possibility of cat loss (although some talents are different, Cats can still pass or escape, but after all, it is a minority). rn3、有意识的训练猫咪对某个行为做出回应的习惯,比如可以每次你叫它的时候,它都回应你啊之类的,这样可以为未来搜索的过程降低难度r n
    4, very controversial content, bring the cat collar, engraved your contact information on the collar. For this method, I have a neutral attitude, because I used to bring a collar to the cat, but because the cats always scratched the collar, they no longer brought the cat, but when I was going to bring a cat, I would still be going out Bring the cats and distinguish between stray cats.
    5, this is a content of my envy in Western countries, injecting micro -chips for cats, and recording the contact information and information of shoveling officers in the micro chip. Pets or rescue centers with abilities can contact you again.
    of course, this is one of the reasons why many cats who have been lost 10 years ago abroad.
    The I hope you will never use the search part.

  2. The cats at home are gone. You can try to find a few places where cats often go, or try fire to call the cat's name around this. Generally, if the cat will respond in these places. Then it is to mobilize relatives and friends to help find. For example, posting a cat for a cat, posting information in the circle of friends, and seeking help from friends.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the cat can’t be found at home. It is easy to do. I just get the cat litter and shake her cat food bowl, and she will come out obediently.nHowever, if you have done a behavior that made him scared before, you still have to wait for a while hungry himself.nTake a look at the small corner of the housenAt the bottom of the bed, or in that seamnMore 2nBleak

  4. You can call the cat's name while making the cat's favorite toys make a sound and attract it. You can also find cats, nearby grass, bushes and other hidden places through the camera.

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