How can there be a shop for cats in Xi'an?

I washed the cat once, and I had no less than 20 scars on my body, and my family had to toss. Where can I take a bath for cats in Xi'an ... What is the cost?

4 thoughts on “How can there be a shop for cats in Xi'an?”

  1. where is your house? Pet shops can be washed. You cut your nails for the cat before taking a bath, then talk to it while washing, and touch it.

    . My cat started to take a bath at first, and I basically took a bath after taking it.

  2. My Mimi is a stray cat. I have taken care of her from a few weeks of birth. Now I have been raised for nearly two years, and I have never been caught, including bathing

  3. Same feel! Take a bath for the cat to coax it, and you can't do it. The water temperature is adjusted first. It is recommended to put the cat in the big basin and massage it to prepare snacks or something for him. Don't be too slow for the first time. After rewarding him afterwards, the cat would think that the bath was delicious, and it was obedient.

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