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  1. The puppet cat is named cloth doll cat, which belongs to the larger cat
    . It has a beautiful and noble appearance and a docile and gentle personality. It has now become the first choice for family pet cats. Pet puppet cats are very suitable for getting along with children. It is very friendly to children. Even if the child accidentally kneads, the puppet cat can endure it well, so the puppet cat is very suitable for family breeding. All in all, the owner needs more love, patience, and care for the owner to raise pets. It cannot be ignored for a long time, and it is necessary to regularly check the physical mental state of the puppet cat.
    It to make the puppet cat physically and mentally healthy and happy, the owner should spend more time with them to play and play. If you are a busy office worker, it is best to have children or elderly people at home, and they will spend more time with the puppet cat.
    The puppet cats like to be close to others. They are willing to follow you from this room to that room, lying on you to sleep. So the owner must be patient with them and cannot scold them at will. As long as the puppet cat stays with the owner with peace of mind, they will feel the care of the owner.
    The puppet cats also have a characteristic that it is good for good intercourse. The emotions of the cat.
    The puppet cats are a kind of long -haired cat, so daily fur sorting is essential. Because the puppet cat has a docile personality, and the phenomenon of cats in this variety is relatively small, it is a simpler to sort out the hair for them.
    The puppet cats are suitable for cats that are suitable for indoors. Therefore, cat -raising equipment at home is best, such as cat grip boards, cat climbing racks, etc., so that cats will not walk around.
    The puppet cats have super strong endurance, and a lot of damage suffered by the puppet cats is easy to be ignored. Therefore, when raising puppet cats, give more care and care. Only the owner's selfless care and love will the puppet cats forget more unhappy and live with the owner forever.

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