5 thoughts on “What diseases are the people who often raise cats and dogs at home?”

  1. Now more and more young people like to raise pets. Pets can become the sustenance of their souls. When they are not accompanied by, pets are accompanied by them all the time. However, people who have cats and dogs at home are also easy to get some diseases, so they must be careful when raising pets and pay attention to their own health problems. So what diseases are the people who often raise cats and dogs at home?
    . When bacterial infection, when the cat owner or the dog owner is very busy, it is too late to take care of the cat and dog. But after all, they are animals, and they have a lot of germs on them. If they are not cleaned in time, the germs will transition from them to people. It is possible that these germs are okay in them. If they are in people, they may cause a series of diseases such as cold or fever. Because these bacteria are parasitic on them all year round, their bodies have a certain immunity, and they are different for people. If these germs suddenly transition to people, it will make people feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, when raising cats or dogs, pay close attention to their hygiene problems, and do not make yourself sick because of your own negligence.
    . If there is a child in the family, the child's resistance will be relatively weak. If the bacteria on the cat will not be cleaned in time, the child will have cat moss. When the cat gets this disease, as long as the child is in contact with it, it will be transmitted to the child. Therefore, when you are okay, you must observe the skin of the cat. If you find a problem, you must find the veterinarian to solve it in time.
    . When rabies are feeding dogs, they must pay attention to the sanitation of dogs. In fact, the virus will always be hidden in the dog's body. The virus will have a certain incubation period in the dog's body, so the dog should take the dog regularly to vaccine. This not only has certain benefits for animals itself, but also has a certain effect on people in the home. Although the dog is loved by many people, it is an animal after all. There are many bacteria that people cannot resist, so people should be careful about raising it.

  2. Dogs and cats will carry some viruses like humans. Pets with viruses with viruses in the body will also transmit viruses to humans for a long time, such as rabies, epidemic encephalitis, and some chronic virus infections.

  3. The easiest disease of cats and dogs at home is toxoplasma, cat moss, rabies, cats, tapeworm diseases, and skin diseases. These are diseases that are more harmful to the human body, and it is also very difficult to treat.

  4. It is easy to get rabies, toxoplasma diseases, cats caught disease, bronchitis, myocarditis, hepatitis, nephritis, etc. At home, cats and dogs should pay attention to environmental hygiene, but also give pets to take baths frequently and often take prevent needle.

  5. It is easy to obtain toxoplasma, rabies, insect disease, cat catch disease, bacterial infection, allergic skin diseases and other diseases. Pets should keep pets cleaning, regular physical examinations and deworming work.

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