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  1. Will raising cats affect wealth
    ? Will cats affect wealth? In real life, many people will raise cats at home. Cats can accompany us when we are lonely. Cats are very cute. For the first choice, will we share the cat's fortune?
    Maton to affect wealth? 1 Cat is a common home pet. Not only is breeding simple, but also the feng shui of the home. There is a certain impact. According to the folk, raising cats can promote feng shui, especially when there is a sign of defeat in the family, cats can play a role in eliminating evil spirits.
    In addition, in the tradition, black cats have the role of dispel evil spirits and defend the house.
    But on the other hand, the cat is water in the five elements. If it is too far near the Feng Shui financial position at home, it will affect the fortune in the house.
    The so -called cat -raising disaster is also the case. If you want to avoid the disadvantages brought by cats at home, do more partitions and closures in the direction of the financial position in the home. Try not to let the cat get involved here, you can resolve it well.

    The businessman is not auspicious, there are the following reasons:
    1. Influencing wealth
    As the saying goes, "cats come to poor, dogs are rich". It is said that there are many mice in the poor people's house, so there will be cats. There is a meat fragrance in the rich people, and the dogs will come. There is also a saying that people of the people of the people often say that dogs are not poor. It is because dogs are a good animal that can be eaten. And this cat is not as good as it. The cat is very picky about food and can leave at any time.
    2. Bringing doom
    The superstition in the north is called: the dog is rich, and the cat comes with hemp. It is not a good sign if a cat is coming suddenly, and it is unknown. Feng Shui also said that black cats have doom, and black dogs can ward off evil.
    . It affects Feng Shui
    because of the cat's cry "Meow", the homophonic is "extinguishing", "no", and "mold".
    4. Cats are very evil
    The legend in ancient times that many legends were cats, because cat's eyes were very mysterious, and various eyes colors were a bit weird. Especially at night, the two bright cold lights in the darkness made people feel tight and called yin and yang eyes. Especially when cats are fried for no reason, people will think there is a zero one.
    Matona will affect wealth? 2 Why do we say that the poor cats have three generations
    The earlier saying that there are many mice in the poor family, so there will be cats. Black cats have doom in Feng Shui, and black dogs can dispel evil spirits. There is a saying in the north called: the dog is rich, and the cat comes with hemp. Consciousness means that if a cat is coming suddenly, it is not a good sign, and it is unknown.
    M: There may be a reason for this statement, that is, the people of the people of the people often say: dogs are not poor. It is because dogs are a good animal that can be eaten. And this cat is not as good as that, the cat is very picky about food. Therefore, the cat will bring a lot of pressure on life, not auspicious.
    The dog owner can make money more than the cat owner, which means that the dog owner has more abundant space to dominate wealth. In fact, raising cats and dogs is not a matter of money. After all, whether it raises cats or dogs, it is necessary to spend money to buy this. Especially for them to better become a tacit understanding, just like raising children.

    The cats really break the wealth
    This cat breaking wealth is just a saying, not true. Why is it that cat raising for three generations, it is estimated to be from here. However, the cats should pay attention to the following points in Feng Shui.
    1. Choose the favored Feng Shui treasure
    The God of Wealth is as afraid of dirty and smelly. When choosing a nourishment, you must find a clean room. The best pet -raising position is a room north to south. It can be placed on the balcony south, and it can be kept clean.
    2. The fluff is flying in the sky, changing poor ghosts
    Because cats live in a space, it is inevitable that hair removal and hair and hair change. It was obscure, so that the fortune was low. You can use insects essential oil, or to place obsidian resolution.
    . The cat rice bowl is not good. The wealth is not good. Fortune.
    4. Do not set the door of the cat sand pot
    The people directly place the cat sand potting pot at the door in order to facilitate cleanup. Although it is convenient, it has made a big taboo for the God of Wealth.
    This cats are good or evil
    In ancient Egypt, black cats were evil
    in ancient Egypt, black cats are legendary evil cats. The Legend of Nuo Shen is that its role in ancient Egypt is to worship and offer people with resentment, and make a wish to him at a certain time. The more malicious the content, the easier it is to achieve it, but at the same time, the cat is a very mysterious creature. If you become a wish, you will receive a certain amount of remuneration, and the content of the remuneration is unknown.
    In Chinese traditional culture, black cats imply auspicious
    The ancient people believed that black cats could dispel evil spirits, so that the demon and ghosts did not dare to approach, and they could bring good luck to the host. Therefore, in ancient times, wealthy people had the habit of raising black cats or placing black cat jewelry. For example: hang a black cat with a black cat at the door. Some wealthy people, to make cats with gold as decoration, must be painted with paint into black.
    During the Qing Dynasty, the black cat was considered an ominous thing
    The people believed that black cats were wicked, and black cats generally took the initiative to suppress them. There are black cats, because such people will mistakenly think that encountering black cats is a big fierce. The ancients also believed that only black cats in the family can play the role of evil spirits: "Xuan Cat, the things that dispel evil spirits are easy to place in the south. It is suitable for descendants ..."
    It was used by evil spirits. Later generations probably only from the surface phenomenon. I felt that there were doom in the occurrence of black cats. "Easy to settle in the south" means that it is best to grow at the door, and the ancients opened the door south. "Children and grandchildren are suitable" probably means that they will always be used to protect the owner and even offspring of the house, or the descendants of the black cat.
    Matona will affect wealth? Why is it good for wealth?
    1. We will bring the cat's neck or other accessories in order to identify our pets. Jewelry can not only get along with cats better, but also bring wealth to yourself, which is conducive to the development of the cause.
    2. Cat sand can actually absorb obscurity, take away the mold at home, and bring good fortune to yourself. However, note that cat litter cannot be placed in the place where the wealth, the door, and the balcony lights are gathered in a place where the gaseous gas such as the bathroom and the bathroom should be placed.
    3. Generally, there will be cat villas or other places to eat and rest in the home of cats. It should be noted that you must keep these space clean and hygienic. It is also necessary to take a bath for the cats and keep it clean. It can bring good fortune to yourself. Not only can you attract wealth, but the fortune of interpersonal is also improved.

    The is a genus that cannot be raised
    1. In Feng Shui, it is mainly related to whether it is suitable for cats. People who are cows, tigers, sheep, and pigs are very suitable for cats, while people who are dogs, snakes, and monkeys should not raise cats. Because people who belong to a rat, cats will weaken their fortunes, and dogs raising cats will easily affect their emotions and become irritable. factor.
    2. Because the cat and the tiger are the same, the twelve earth branches belong to Yin, the five elements belong to wood, and the soil and fire are suitable for people who hit Xijin and Xishui. Conversely, if you hit the fire, it is not suitable for cats, because it will add fire on the fire. However, the five elements of the five elements of cats of different colors are also different. We can choose what type of cats are suitable for raising according to the principle of the five elements attributes.

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