3 thoughts on “Can pet cats eat miscellaneous grain and toast”

  1. Yes, there are also many coarse grains in the finished cat food. The amount of pet cats in the family is small. It is good to eat some coarse grains in appropriate amount and will not hurt.
    but cats are carnivores after all. It may only be interested in some foods and feel fresh, and cannot only feed these things.
    In small pieces to feed them, feed less, and eat too much to eat too much. My family meow also pumped it for a while, and I had to eat biscuits, potato chips ... It would be enough to use it a few times, and I did n’t eat it in the pot.

  2. It's strange, generally cats don't eat something without fishy smell.
    It should not eat them, miscellaneous grains are not easy to digest. Poor gastrointestinal

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