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  1. There are about thirty or fifty stray cats downstairs in our school's dormitory. In addition to being charming and coquettish, they are cheating and cheating every day. It is Wangtian Er and sleeping. But a lot of cats have been spoiled, lazy to a certain extent.
    Until one day I saw what my friends were scratching at the window sill. In the past, more than a dozen cats downstairs were chasing a little red dot like a chicken blood ... Tell me:
    "I just like this feeling of commanding thousands of horses!"
    So when it comes to laser pens, the general laser pen is actually damaged by cat's eyes. And people need to control and command, but now there are cat laser toys that can be automated. A new laser teasing cat toy Kittyo appears abroad. Its biggest highlight is that it can be connected to the user's smartphone. Let us touch it outside through touching outside The mobile phone screen can control the laser light emitted by the toy, and the cat can play crazy even if they are not at home.
    The user operates through the mobile phone application. On the software interface, you can see the "trap" carefully designed for pets for pets. It will make a sound that attracts the cat's attention. Then on the screen of the mobile phone, the laser's laser direction can be adjusted and the cat can play. Another interesting thing is that if the owner can also eat it with a remote control machine, these processes can be recorded through the Kittyo built -in camera. In addition, Kittyo's built -in microphone can also communicate with pets in real time. At present, Kittyo applications have supported iOS and Android systems.
    If afraid to buy valuable toys and cats don't like it, or if you play for a few days? The most convenient and affordable of course is to play iPad games for cats.
    icated games that are suitable for cats on cats?

  2. The point is not what you play for meow, but: do not play every day for more than ten minutes.
    . For example, several toys of my house:
    1. Small bags containing cats and small balls in it.
    M these things are basically not birds on the ground, so every day I will play the game of throwing sandbags with him before cleaning. Essence
    Throw the small bag or small ball out ~ Meow to chase, and then I pick it back ✔ So repeated
    The people who have raised cats understand this kind of sadness, and only myself for a long time to lose weight!
    2. Funny cat sticks
    playing skills are time control within one minute. Meow likes freshness but does not remember well. Remember to put it in after playing. Do n’t let me see it. interest of.
    3. Hiding cats
    chasing the game. You can chase the meow, or you can let me chase you.
    The room in the living room and room at home, the space is very fun, you can hide behind the sofa. Now living alone, there is a single room. The scope of activity is toilet to the balcony. But it does not affect hiding cats, the most important thing is. Essence
    must create a tense atmosphere! Meow's favorite is the thrilling!
    I played a tacit understanding with my meow. As long as I stomped my feet lightly, he would sprinkle me to chase him, no matter when! Intersection
    So two people are neuropathy at home. Essence Essence
    4. Laser pen
    If you are lazy, you don't like to run with meow running with me like me, you only need to buy a laser pen to get everything Said, as long as there is a laser pen, all toys are clouds. It's crazy to play a few back and forth. Essence Essence
    5. Cross carton
    I have a cleanliness, so the carton that I will not be used is at home. But I bought a new carton installation book. After I folded it myself, Meow said I liked it.
    games and animated movies are the favorite of meow. But the principle is: do not exceed ten minutes a day.
    8. Doll
    The Naruto doll sent by McDonald's when I was a kid. So I bought two more online. A red rabbit can sound in it, and this usually throws the ground for meow. Another uncle of the thief is very similar to the one in Li. The edge of the cabinet on the bed usually goes to sleep at half of the night and reached out to slap it without taking the bed.
    Basically I usually play these toys for meow.
    of course, Meow's favorite is sleeping and looking at the sky, so it is also important to have a window with screens at home. My family meow looks at pedestrians and birds on the road every day (transparent) on the balcony (transparent) on the road, and sometimes I can see it for an afternoon. Essence Essence
    anyway, please remember, although Meow is happy and old, but the memory is extremely poor. As long as you play for him every day for more than ten minutes, no matter how you meow, you will be interested.

  3. In fact, it was originally a application for human development, but because the environment of the pond was used and there were many realistic small fish in it, it slowly began to be welcomed by the cats. Like the previous work, the entire screen is the water surface of a pond, and the display effect is very realistic. Whether it is the sparkling lake or the fish swimming around the pond, it can almost be false. When we use our fingers to click the screen, the splashed ripples and frightened fish can make us feel immersive. At the same time, the number of fish can be controlled, and even a few dragonflies can be added.
    (magic piano)
    is also another one that was not designed for cats, but gradually evolved into a very popular pet game. Although for the cats, the built -in world famous song library and tutorials are actually meaningless, but when they set their claws on the iPad's screen at the same time, they make a beautiful piano sound at the same time, which is enough to make them very excited. Perhaps under the stimulation of the sound, the cats may also play their own music.
    Who doesn't like watching videos? Not only humans like to watch video entertainment, even if they are animals. There are tens of thousands of videos about cats, mice, squirrels, and even cartoon animals on YouTube. However, as for whether YouTube can succeed, it depends on whether your cats usually like to watch TV. If it often stares at the TV screen, then you may wish to find an interesting video on YouTube to see it. Maybe it will have an unexpected effect! Intersection

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