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  1. When Xia Xiaoyao raised a cat, there were some details that needed shovel officers to pay attention. If you were not careful, it might cause cats to heat up of heat.

    1. Do not close the cat on the balcony

    A many people will choose to let cats stay on their own balcony, because the sun is sufficient and ventilated, and there are again. There must be space for cats. When people are not at home during the day, they are afraid that the master will rebel at home. It is very convenient to just check the balcony door.

    But in the summer, please do not close the cat on the balcony anymore. The balcony space after closing the door is relatively closed, and the temperature is high in summer. Even if the windows are ventilated, the balcony door will not circulate when the air is closed. After the sun came in, it is easy to form a high -temperature surround space. This is not only not conducive to the cat's heat dissipation, but it is easy to make cats heat stroke.

    . Once the balcony at home is not closed, it may also cause cats to chase after seeing the flying insect birds outside, causing the danger of falling to the building, and the consequences are unimaginable.

    2, do not put cats in the cat bag for a long time

    The many shoveling officers must buy a cat bag at home, which is convenient for the cat. There are also various styles of space cat bags on the market. Cats can hide themselves. When curious, they can also look outside through small windows.

    But in the summer, it is not recommended that you use this cat bag to bring the cat outdoors. Although there are many breathable holes on the cat bag, in high temperature weather, its breathable effect is really minimal, especially outdoors. You may wish to take the thermometer to test it. The temperature in the cat bag is super high!

    The cat staying in such a closed space for a long time. And every summer, there are also cases of cat bags that are stuffy cats. I hope that shovel officials can attract attention.

    It really want to go out. You can choose the air box. Do not stay outdoors for a long time, and pay attention to the cat's water in time during the road.

    3, do not leave the cat alone in the car

    each summer, parents leave the child in the car. News of saving people.

    . If you drive a cat out in the summer, please do not leave the cat alone in the car, especially when the car is parked in the open -air parking lot.

    The experimental prove that when the temperature reaches 35 ° C, the sunlight is 15 minutes, and the temperature in the closed car can rise to 65 ° C. Maybe you just leave for a short ten minutes for a while, but the cats who do not call for help may be suffocated.

    4. Pay attention to checking

    The people at home with the habit of breathing the washing machine lid at home. In the summer, the environment in the washing machine is a very comfortable and cool place for cats, so they may drill into the cold while you don't pay attention.

    Shortly before, a shoveling officer did not know that the cat was in the washing machine and turned on the washing machine. In the end, the cat was stirred by the washing machine for 15 minutes to rescue the invalid accident, and there were not only one case.

    Is to keep the shoveling officers more eye -catching, and see if the cat hides inside before using the washing machine, it is best to develop the habit of turning off the laundry lid. Always suffer.

    It, as well as what we mentioned before, the problem of mosquito coils and mosquito repellent after raising cats, which can also ask the cat's life, please click: How to properly remove mosquitoes to the cat in summer, It is serious to cause cat poisoning with the wrong method! View, please also attract the attention of shovel officers.

    What do you think of raising cats in the summer, what details do you need to pay special attention to shovel officers?

  2. Summer is coming, and cats can't bear the loneliness and want to feel the beautiful and intoxicated floral fragrance on the balcony, and take a warm sun bath. So, what do you need to know to put cats on the balcony?

    It is this. Cats with high -rise cats must be sealed. Although cats are very smart and spiritual animals, the cat's curiosity is also famous, vulgar, vulgar It is not fake to say that curious to kill cats.

    . Although the cat is very smart, it is more like a smart child, and the child happens to be dangerous when playing. A bird, a small flying worm, may attract all its attention. When the cat is pouring all the thoughts and jumps, it may be difficult to take care of whether the surrounding environment is safe, and it is likely to jump out or fall from the railings or fence when playing crazy. Unexpectedly Essence

    is not just small flying worms or birds. Cats are a very sensitive and even a little bit of magical animal. If there is a huge sound outside the outside It may instantly jump up to avoid protecting yourself. But the balcony is not sealed. The cat itself is to protect his own life.

    and not sealed the balcony. Even if the cat is not dangerous, it is also connected with the outside world. Cats are likely to jump out and throw them out. In it, its resistance to bacteria and bacteria is far less than that of cats who have been wandering from childhood, so the chances of survival are not much.

    . So, raising dogs when you go out and walking dogs, please bolt ropes. There is only one time to cherish life. Since it is raised, please be responsible for it.

  3. Be sure to pay attention to the problem of temperature. If the door is too hot in the summer, the door between the balcony and the room will not be particularly hot, which may cause heat stroke. If you have to put the balcony, it is recommended to get a shading cloth, the sun is adjusted to the warm cloth, and install a small air conditioner or an air -conditioning fan conditionally.

  4. Is the balcony a bit hot and able to raise a cat? It can be raised on the balcony spring and autumn, and it is best to raise indoors in summer and winter.

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