2 thoughts on “How about the packaging of Royal Cat Food K34?”

  1. First of all, I also encountered your problem,
    The phone calls on the dealer's general agent on your packaging, I called the person who had asked (Guangzhou) to answer it, because the K34 is now already K34 has already been the K34 has already been the K34 has already been. It is replaced with K36, so it will be smaller on the particles. There are countless merchants in the packaging entrance that will pack the bulk cat food from new packaging, so pay attention to observe whether the packaging seal is rough.
    In the call of your pet shop you bought for cat food after making the phone, because the royal cat food in China is a regional franchise, so she can help you help you you I found whether there was a pet shop in her cat food at her
    The royal packaging problem for a long time. The regional agent has been packaged from new packaging, and the packaging of each regional agent is different. It is difficult to distinguish it from the packaging dealer. Even when the experts are wrong, the best way is to disassemble the packaging each time, and and and and and. For the previous comparison, or taste the taste in person. Pay attention to the size of the particles, the taste, and the method of the shelf life
    . If you really don't worry, don't go to the pet shop to buy it. The best solution is to go to Tao Bao and find credit above the crown Seller, it must be right. I bought it in the first Crown Store in Guangzhou for a long time, and it is much cheaper than a pet shop, so it is everything.
    Bless your cat will always grow up healthy and happy 🙂

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