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  1. "The Strongest Brain" has always been a program that many audiences are very concerned about, but have received many controversy and discussion since the first season, because many viewers have produced some of the players' response speed and knowledge reserves. Suspect.
    So the cheating incidents were burst into two consecutive times, and the senior audiences were not surprised.
    The more malignant incidents started from the third season. Well, the third season happened to be Ms. Sang Jie began to take over.
    The third season Lin Jiandong cheated. After the first issue of the third season of "The Strongest Brain" was broadcast in January 2016, there were careful audiences who found Lin Jiandong's cheating details, so the program team immediately brought out all the recording videos. The captain had been decided, and the program team had to compromise.
    In the British competition, Lin Jiandong was discovered again, and the program team had to use other reasons to abolish the game.
    For Lin Jiandong's cheating behavior, there are many interpretations on the Internet. Interested friends can view themselves. Here is a proof that Sang Jie admits Lin Jiandong's cheating.
    The eighth season of "The Strongest Brain" is a large brain idol competitive reality show launched by Jiangsu Satellite TV. Witness officer.
    The program system is based on the integration of comprehensive leadership, decision -making, and appeal of comprehensive leadership, decision -making, and appeal to witness the birth and growth of brain power leaders.

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