4 thoughts on “Cats are really as legendary. Is it high and not relatives?”

  1. Before I really raised a cat, I had a lot of prejudice against cats. These prejudices are not formed by myself, most of which were affected by family or people around them when they were young. In the mouth of the older generation, cats often have no good reputation, saying that they are still pouting regardless of their families.

    . Until later, I also raised a cat myself, and I slowly discovered that in fact, our prejudice against cats is really too deep. Cats are indeed unhappy, but they do not mean that they have no feelings for cold blood and do not know how to be grateful. Cats are accustomed to living in an equal position with others. They never think they are our pets, and they never use us as the master.
    although today's pet cats have entered the family as pets, in fact, they are not completely domesticated. Human domesticated cats have a short history, so even on pet cats, there are wild cats on wild cats. Cats are so natural, sensitive, vigilant, not easy to trust, suspicious ... But these are limited to you and cats are not familiar with, if the cat recognizes you and trusts you, you will see a different kitten.
    When a cat is by your side, you will no longer be so alert and be vigilant, and you will no longer resist and dislike your approach, so congratulations, you have the opportunity to see a relaxed cat, and soon you will soon be. Will gain a kitten who trusts you.
    Is when a cat trusts you, it will let you hold it, and only you can hold it. Cats such as sensitive animals will not make people easily. If your cat makes you hold and likes you to hold it, then it must take you as the most trusted partner. I can only hold my cat. The unique preference that the cat gives you must cherish it.
    Is when a cat trusts you, it will like to nest with you, even if you just stay quietly, it is good to stay with you anyway. Cats are not the kind of noisy animal, they are used to observing everything in one place. If a cat accepts you, then it will always pay attention to you silently, and its eyes must be where you are. Moreover, cats will not sleep beside the person who makes it uneasy, so if your cat is willing to sleep beside you, then it is tantamount to giving you all his life.
    Is when a cat trusts you and accepts you, you will find that the cat is not cold at all. Their high -cold showed that they were not familiar with people, and the real tenderness was given to those who were good for them. Cats are not unfamiliar white -eyed wolves, but on the contrary, they are the most affectionate guardians. The gentle side of the cat is a preference for the shovel officer to give a lot of effort and time. Those who do n’t even have a cat, or have no patience for two days, and what are the qualifications to say that cats are not relatives and they are not familiar with them. Woolen cloth?

  2. Cats generally do not have loved ones like dogs, but as long as the owner pays attention to the closeness of the cat, it can still have a certain effect.

  3. This is not the case. In fact, just like a person, it is just a different personality. Many cats are very sticky. They especially like to be tired with the owner.

  4. I don't think it is, some cats are particularly sticky. I always like to stick to the owner, or stinging on the owner, not particularly cold.

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