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  1. Corn ham sausage
    Chinese name
    corn ham sausage
    main ingredients
    fruit corn, ham sausage
    navigation n method
    Fruit corn
    one piece of
    The ham sausage
    1. First, corn first Peel off the grains, boil a pot of water at the same time, and cut the ham sausage;
    2. Pour corn kernels into the pot and simmer to mature, remove and let it cool;
    3. Clear the ham diced, pour the corn kernels and fry for 2 minutes, and put it out of the pan. (You can add an appropriate amount of seasoning according to personal taste. I did not put it, because the ham sausage itself has a salt flavor, and the fruit corn is also very sweet)

    n corn ham
    The main ingredients
    Fresh corn, ham
    n新鲜玉米rn2个rn火腿rn2根rn黄瓜rn一根rnrn做法rn1. 黄瓜,萝卜,火腿, Corn, diced spare
    2. Turn on low heat, put oil, boil, add carrots, cucumber diced, add a little salt. After frying over low heat, take the bowl and hold out.
    3. Turn on low heat, put oil, put corn kernels and salt, stir fry, pour in cucumber carrot in, pour the ham, and fry together.

  2. It is best not to eat corn intestines for cats, especially corn intestines eaten by humans. High salt content will increase the burden on the cat's kidneys. Frequent eating will affect the cat's hair and make the hair dry and yellow. There are some cats dedicated to cats on the market, which can be appropriately ate for cats as snacks, because their nutritional unevenness cannot be used as a staple food. It is not recommended to eat corn intestines for cats. First: The main ingredient of corn is starch. Cats are pure carnivorous animals. Cats may indeed have some ability to digest starch, but they are very poor in digestion, because they have fundamentally lacked metabolic pathways in this regard. Second: The salt in the corn intestine that people eat is too high, which has a large burden on the cat's liver and kidney metabolism.

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