Ask, is it the cat or a female cat?

Many stray cats downstairs are called Chun, most of which are male. I want to ask whether it is male or female in the end. It is said that the female cat is called spring, but most of my house downstairs is male, can the public be called? I am very puzzled, I hope the master will answer, thank you!

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  1. Both male cats and female cats will be called spring, but they are different, usually at night. The male cat screamed in spring, the sound was very low, and the sound of the throat made a sound, "嗷, 嗷". The female cat is called Chun, and it will be like a baby crying sound. It sounds relatively high and harsh. Generally speaking, the female cat first appears in estrus called spring. The cat owner is troubled by the cat's name of Spring, and some measures can be taken appropriately. The cat owner also knows that cats are influenced by instinct and want to reproduce offspring, so cat owners can find a suitable object for cats after the cat is mature to help cats pass the estrus time, but the cat owner wants Knowing that the cat's estrus period is not short, it can also be estrus after production. So many times to produce or contact other cats will also affect the body, so cat owners need to consider it carefully. In the end, the cat owner can also try to take a sterilization method for the cat, but it is not too late to choose to choose a trustworthy doctor to take good care of the cat's body when the cat's estrus is over and the body can be accepted.

  2. Mother cat. Essence Essence
    It, you are still inconvenient to say more
    Anyway, the female cat screams
    In the evening, you don’t know

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