5 thoughts on “In daily life, what are the common cat skin diseases?”

  1. Common allergic dermatitis. Allergic dermatitis is divided into contact dermatitis and food dermatitis. This dermatitis is indeed very easy to appear in life. For example, cats eat something that should not be eaten, like peppers, or some meats, or some melon, and some foods have allergies, then it is easy to cause dermatitis. For this kind of dermatitis, it is often easier to heal. After all, it is caused by food. As long as you stay away from some allergic foods, you can slowly heal. If it is more serious, you should intervene with drugs.
    A contact dermatitis is mainly exposed to some allergic things in the outside world or in the house, then it is easy to cause dermatitis, such as some common pollen, or some young juice, and the fluff of iron trees. These are easy to cause contact dermatitis. For this, it is necessary to deal with allergens in time to be better.
    Cat moss This is mainly caused by viruses or bacteria, and it is easy to cause the cat's forehead. This skin disease is actually like a copper coin. The range is not particularly large, but the spots are easy to cause hair to fall off, and even some exudate will appear, and then some hard blocks appear. This virality needs to be treated with some drugs in time, and even local disinfection is needed. It is best to shave some troubles, and then apply some medicinal solution to better cure.
    Of course, this kind of skin disease is easily transmitted to humans or other animals, so you must pay attention to a certain disinfection and bacteria when dealing with it. Essence
    The wound ulceration inflammation caused by parasites. If a cat is infected with parasites, the skin of the parasite bite the cat's skin is also prone to inflammation. The skin of the big cat is not treated in time, then it is prone to hair loss, and even some exudate liquid. In this case, the cat will itch itchy. , Even often grab and bite, so we need to repel deworming in time.

  2. Generally, fungal dermatology, caninemacteria infection, ringworm disease, mite infection disease, parasitic infection disease, flea infection disease, bacterial skin disease, deciduous heaven sores, atopic dermatitis, etc.

  3. It is common is fungi, mites, bacteria, and usually supplement protein and vitamins, such as egg yolk, meat, fish, broccoli; bathing can be used to prevent skin diseases once a month. Finally, disinfect the cat's living environment, and bring cats to dry the sun, which is conducive to sterilization. For details, Baidu can be used.

  4. Common skin diseases in cats include eczema, ringworm, parasitic infections. Eczema is common in the humid season. Cat's cat's hair is not blown in time after being wet. After a long time, it will cause eczema, redness, swelling, itching. Cat ringing is caused by fungi and needs to be treated with antibacterial drugs. After the owner has a long time to touch the disease, it will also be infected. In vitro parasites such as fleas and chiggons, it will cause cats with redness and itching of cats. Some in vitro parasites are still the media of some viruses!

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