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  1. How should a cat in the home design be installed? What experience is worth sharing? Step borrowing secondary bedrooms to create a multi -purpose entrance hall. Before the modification of the entrance hall, the storage of the house is relatively limited to the household porch. After the modification of the Hiroshiro, there is a H -shaped entrance hall with a magnificent appearance and storage. The original entrance entrance was narrow and long. The storage room on the right side of the door was also carried on the wall. It was updated to the cup of Hollywood. The net width was very rich. The storage cabinet is installed!
    The original foam memory was insufficient, so I "borrowed" a piece of indoor space in the secondary lying, and dry the partitions of the embedded cripping clothes and hats to meet the storage requirements of shoe, hats and crude objects. Waiting for the bathroom mirror with a shoe stool, it is convenient for his wife to check and dress up, and go out calmly.
    In China and Western multi -purpose small bar, with both effects and light worship or overtime, the heroine and the actor cook together to enjoy the warm time, but the restaurant kitchen that is not expected to be enough One person stands up and cooks, and the adjacent daily balcony is not enough to dry the sheets, so he simply changes the balcony to a Chinese kitchen area.
    Thisy kitchen system partition can be used to push the sliding door for the decoration partition with the mezzanine ironing accessories. The light transmission of the glass movement allows the lighting living room restaurant that was originally darker. The cold kitchen area is composed of a whole light -colored kitchen cabinet, embedded in an electric oven, and the microwave oven is heated. Hollying interior designers also leave the refrigerator. Loose.
    The small and fine living room has a lot of effects, and the large living room was not large, but because it was mainly the area where two people watched the TV series, very few received guests. , The fabric sofa is set up simple storage.
    The master bedroom connects the balcony to create a library and cat park. The master bedroom is a small suite with a balcony. The green TV background wall of bean paste is very relieved. It is quiet and easier to fall asleep. On both sides of the bed, there is a bed cabinet. The couple get up at night at night, or return overtime to the other, and they will not disturb the other.
    If husband wants to be comfortable and not squeezed in the bedroom, so the Hollying interior designer does not have all the rooms to make the cabinet, only to ensure the top wardrobe on the side of the door, and the left is empty to make a rest. The shelf is very convenient. The bed has dry the flip -piece mirror makeup table to form a storage cabinet.
    In indoor designers connect the balcony, and the balcony design plan close to the cosmetic table into a small office space. The glass folding door distance between the gray -black iron and ironing accessories. If the couple must work at home at the same time, the left and right office spaces must It is not harmful to each other.
    The on the other side of the balcony opens card sitting wall cabinet bookcase cat climbing frame, not only completes the requirements of the two sub -library, but also the interior space of cats and cats. Life!
    The second bedroom, as well as storage area, dry the laundry. Although there is no child, the room of Hollying Children's room is already ready. Because some of the second bedrooms borrowed the household porch, they were applied to the ceiling wardrobe wall cabinet tatami custom wardrobe to enhance the indoor space. A circle close to the collapse was used to use an open storage, which is convenient to place common objects.
    The co -wardrobe of the Hollying Crossing Rice combined wardrobe set up a writing desk and an open bookcase, which cooperates with the short storage cabinet, and wait for the child to be larger. You can use it.
    The advantages of using the secondary balcony near the toilet, adjusting water supply and drainage during water and electricity decoration, and putting the effect of laundry on the secondary balcony; the custom cabinet has reached the requirements of fully automatic washing machines and hand washing pools.

  2. It should be given enough space for the cat, and the basic materials needed for the cat. Try to use tiles as much as possible when decorating, and do not use wallpapers to paint the large wall to avoid being caught by cats. Do not choose the cortex sofa; when there is a cat at home, when choosing curtains, you must mainly focus on simple and clean. Do not have tassel pendants and other items to avoid being caught by the cat.

  3. Pay attention to getting more cats at home, which can reduce the degree of damage to the sofa bed clothes. Do a good job of blocking the window when decorating. If the floor is higher, the cat jumps to the window very easily. The door or window is added with a protective bar to prevent cats from opening the window or opening the door without anyone.

  4. The floor should be covered with tiles. Wallpapers can be pasted around the walls. Cats are specially made for cats. Do not buy fragile products, and do not buy expensive products. Don't buy glass products. Don't buy that kind of cotton, try to leave a small space for the cat. Buy a vacuum cleaner.

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