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  1. You can judge from multiple aspects. Based on my observation of cats for many years, the following judgments can be made.
    1. If the cat mother can catch the mouse, the kitten given is likely to catch the mouse. After the female cat remains in the remaining cat, about 2 months, she will catch the mouse to play for the kitten. In fact, this is the ability to cultivate kittens to catch mice. After my little white was trained by the female cat, I saw a mouse under the bed, and suddenly caught the mouse.
    2. The possibilities of the native cat grasping mice are much greater than that of pet cats. Traditional native cats, which are rural cats, are generally used to prevent mice. When breeding, the owner of the countryside is free to raise it. He usually does not feed it deliberately. It is all looking for food to fill his stomach, so he is good at grasping the mouse.
    3. From the perspective of the cat's momentum, the cats that will catch mice will be caught in a place where there are many mice, then the mouse that place will not dare to mess with it, because the mouse is too heavy, and the mouse will naturally run away when the mouse smells fear. Essence My family lives on the first floor. The mice are very mad and not afraid of people at all. I borrowed pet cats from other people's houses. I still did not work. When I slept at a time, the mouse bit someone, so I was determined to hug the female cats of the mouse who could catch the mouse from the countryside. Come over, the magical thing was that the mouse did not dare to come out. Buy Mi fellow near my house, his mouse is also very rampant. For this reason, he has used mouse catchers, but dare not use mouse medicine. The effect is not great. He once borrowed 3 pet cats with others. Madness. Later, my female cat gave birth to a child and gave a one and a half month -old weaned kitten to their house. Since then, the mouse has never appeared again. Later, it proved that the cat grew up when he grew up. The reason why there are no mice in the rice grain store, because this kitten will catch mice, it will be born of the mother cat of the mouse. It is very murderous and suppresss three rats that adult cats cannot suppress. This is not what I say!
    4. There is a saying, "The cat is curious", yes, even if the kitten has never seen a mouse, as long as it is curious, active, bold, and dare to be independent when encountering anything, this cat is likely to be very likely In the future, a cat that can catch mice will be evolved in the future. The possibility of stupid cats to catch mice is not high. My family has a female cat with 2 babies. After a month, the kitten will jump vividly. But one is very clever and active, and the courage is also hungry. You will know where to eat and excrete it with cat litter. But the other is relatively stupid, the courage is small, the curiosity is not heavy, and the stomach is hungry. He taught many times and did not understand to eat the right place. It turns out that it proves. Later, the clever kitten gave it to the water selling. There were indeed many mice in his house, and the mice were gone. Stupid cats were given to others, but the effect was not good.

  2. It depends on individual cats. Some cats are relatively speaking, you can usually see his particularly lively, and then that is the kind of predation that is not conducive to playing. For example, playing with him a teasing cat stick? He will have thoughts or see some birds, and he will have thoughts, which will generally catch mice.

  3. Generally, if a cat does not have a big cat, it will not catch mice. You can see if it likes to catch sparrows, small bugs, etc. If it is not interested in these, it will not be interested in mice.

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