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  1. Let me introduce to you today that it is about helping cats.
    The hazards of parasites
    . Decreasing the resistance of pets
    The presence of parasites will affect the health of pets, affect cat growth and development, reduce their immunity, invade other pathogens to other pathogens, Create conditions.

    . Transmission of multiple diseases
    The bites of parasitic insects will damage the health of the epidermal cells. After the cat was bitten by the flea, it would even cause allergies, which made the TA feel itching.
    The parasites have a variety of germs in the parasitic body, which will spread back and forth between many hosts. Mao children may cause serious complications and even endanger life after being bitten.

    . Threats the health of the owner
    . Some of the parasites will also infect humans while infecting pets. If not deworming work in time, it will threaten the owner's health.

    How to repel cat deworm
    The frequency of insect repellent: once a month

    1, insect repellent medicine The amount of dosage is calculated based on cat weight, so accurate weighing is critical.
    2, the cat does not need to take a bath before the body is deworming, because the cat will lick itself clean every day, and the medicine can be licking the medicine behind the cat's neck when removing insects. After 3 to 4 hours after the food, after feeding the deworming medicine for 5 to 6 hours.
    3. A few days after deworming, there are generally dead parasites and eggs. If you have symptoms of diluted symptoms, please consult the doctor in time.
    PS: You can choose different insect repellent methods according to the cats at different stages
    , for example, a two -month small milk cat is difficult to feed medicine. Dorded medicines, avoid the "pain" of small milk cats experienced medicine.

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