5 thoughts on “The cats raised by the old people will be fat and obedient. What factors are related to?”

  1. The cats raised by the elderly are fat and obedient, mainly because the elderly take care of them, the elderly do not love to go out, and often feed various delicious foods. Because the elderly have retired, they often have home, and their children have become families. A large number of elderly people live alone, and cats become the best partners. Many elderly people treat cats as their own family, and some of them will tell the cats to tell the cat. Some people treat cats as their own children and give the cats a variety of cute names, so let's take a closer look!
    1, cats raised by the old people will be fat.
    The young people like to play everywhere. The old people are inconvenient. Although they have pets, they are unwilling to walk around. Different cats and dogs are different. Dogs need to be bent every day, and cats stay at home every day, plus the owner is unwilling to go out. The two are combined, and the cats are unwilling to exercise, so they will be fatter.
    , take care of it carefully
    The owner treats cats like a baby. After the cat eats things, he will hold a paper towel to wipe his mouth. When uncomfortable, you will keep making comfort with your hands. Treating the cat is quite careful. When the cat is sick, he will pay for various expensive medical expenses, only to delay the life of the kitten. With the most difficult life with the owner, he is the best friend in the heart of the owner.
    three, more often feed more
    Because the old man poured all his love on the cat, the most direct way is to feed the cats with a variety of delicious foods. Like young people, they often go to the supermarket to buy. As long as they see better, they will buy them back to feed cats. Small animals have no way to control their diet. Once the owner keeps feeding, he will constantly eat, so he will become fatter.
    In short, the fat cat is really cute. Many people think that the cat has been raised for a long time, and it feels like a tacit understanding with the cat. Cats will also stick to the owner, and the owner should also control it slightly, otherwise it will have a bad impact on health.

  2. 1. Some kittens like to be quiet. It likes to have a certain distance with its owner. Kitten knows that someone is accompanied by himself and will not disturb each other, the old man will be the first choice of the owner in the cat's heart. Although the old man likes to let cats accompany themselves, they are particularly gentle to the cats and will not make the cat feel oppressive. The kitten sleeps after eating, and no one often interacts, and it will gain weight.
    2. The elderly do not know what scientific feeding. In addition to eating cat food for cats, they will also feed the cats of all kinds of snacks. They are afraid of the cat hungry. Can't bear to wait for the cat. The kitten ate so many things, and it must be fatter.
    3, a little older person will have some loneliness in his heart. But may not be with the children's needs. The cat is the same as the baby in the heart of the old man, so they like cats particularly. Cats are a particularly spiritual animal. It can feel the owner's love for him, so it will become docile and sticky.

  3. It is related to the personality of the elderly and the feeding method of the elderly. Some elderly people treat cats very close, and cats will be very mild.

  4. Young people are scientific feeding, and they will control the amount of cats and weight on cats. The elderly have no scientific routines. In addition to cat food bought by children, the elderly will also feed the cats for a variety of foods, and they are afraid of being hungry to the cat. In the hearts of the old man, the cat is like his child, and he is reluctant to treat it at all ... As long as you eat it, you will divide some cats that are poor around you, so the cats are eating too much. growth of!

  5. Many elderly people now like to raise cats because cats can accompany them and do not need to bring them. But I do n’t know if everyone has found that the cat raised by grandparents is easy to gain weight, and it is very obedient.
    The different young people raising cats with cats, most of them follow scientific cats. Cat food packaging is how much to eat. The elderly people of grandparents are the opposite. In addition to feeding cat food, there are extra foods at home, and grandparents will also give cats, so the cats become fatter.
    In the hearts of the elderly, cats are entrusted to their thoughts and love for their children, because their children are very busy, with little time to accompany themselves, but cats accompany themselves all year round, so grandparents will love cats very much, they just take the cat, they simply make the cat. As your own baby, you have to eat it for your own baby. In the end, the cat and the elderly live together, which will become more lazy, eat and sleep, and sleep, so the cats eat more, but they exercise less, not to be fat.
    What cats raised by grandparents are obedient? Children are not at home, so cats accompany the elderly all year round. The elderly will bring cats when they do anything, so cats depend more on grandparents, and they will listen to grandparents even more. Secondly, the life of cats and the elderly is very good. They all like to be quiet and will not give each other a sense of oppression. So the cat beside the grandparents knew that he would not be casual and wake up casually, so he was more happy to stay with his grandparents, and became more obedient.
    The cats raised by grandparents are more obedient. In fact, grandparents spent more time and energy on cats, because cats feel the grandparents' intentions for it, so they will listen to grandparents. So if you want your own cat more obedient, the pet owner will spend more time to accompany the cat. Cat loved ones, will the cats raised by grandparents in your family will be fat and obedient?

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