Cats eat bunny! Intersection Intersection 【Urgent】

I raised a little rabbit, very young! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection There is a cat on the second floor, he, it will eat! Intersection Intersection Intersection

6 thoughts on “Cats eat bunny! Intersection Intersection 【Urgent】”

  1. My family has a cat and rabbit. The cat is a mother. Every time it see the rabbit, it stretches out of the claw to touch the rabbit, but the rabbit scares the cat away as soon as the cat is turned away. The cat on the second floor is the male or the mother? The rabbits are raised, and the cat may not rush to move the rabbit. My rabbit is as big as the cat. By the way, the male cat next door is to catch my rabbit, but it is still okay to play. It should be okay.

  2. Let me tell you, cats will not eat little rabbits. If she will eat in the wild, you can rest assured, but if this cat has no food every day, she will be interested in your little rabbit Over

  3. If the rabbit is small, you should be careful. However, you'd better take the rabbit to the cats to see their reflection. After all, it is not absolutely different from cats to eat rabbits.

  4. Family cats generally do not eat, but they will definitely play and play to play with rabbits--! Sometimes I even eat a little bit of meat -! The cats who witnessed my own eyes killed the bird cruelly. Essence Essence I also gave it my belly ~~~ So now I bring a bell to my murderer. Essence Essence Essence
    Cats are a big killer, what rice does not eat ~
    Since there are cats, rats, rabbits, birds, fish, flowers, grass should not be raised, or they should be cautious again!
    It your rabbit is preferably a cage, and the cat's paws are not enough.
    waiting to grow up when rabbits grow up, you will know that rabbits are the real big killer ... Don't regret raising rabbits at that time. I have cats and rabbits in my family. Every time I see the rabbit, I stretched out their front claws to touch the rabbit, but the rabbit scared away the cat away when I turned my head. The cat on the second floor was the male or the mother? You quickly raised the rabbit. It ’s as big as my rabbit as a cat. By the way, the male cat next door saw my rabbit and caught it, but it’ s okay to play. It should be okay.

  5. You go to buy a big rabbit! My dog ​​is bigger than rabbits, but he is still afraid of rabbits, so funny, but you buy white rabbits when you buy pets (red eyes). If you buy a prestige, buy a gray rabbit (black eyes). My family’s It is a gray rabbit, it runs fast and very strong, now you can be the boss!

  6. Cats should have no immunity to little rabbits, especially the rabbits who have just been born, and they are the favorite of cats. When they don't pay attention, they will enter the belly of the master. I hope it will be helpful to you and hope to adopt it!

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