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  1. One picture to understand the cat food nutritional composition table! Cat food has been at a glance at a glance
    The parents of many cats have understood the quality of cat food through the raw material composition table. For example, fresh meat components represent the indispensable animal protein of cats. But on cat food packaging, there is another label -

    is 42%crude protein, 18%crude fat, 3%of crude fiber, 0.15%taurine ... How much is a good cat food, which can ensure that the cat's nutrition is comprehensive and balanced?

    Today, I will teach you how to see this cat food nutrition analysis table!

    The industry standards for cat food nutritional ingredients

    The nutritional demand for cats and dog food. The recommendation quantity is based on the minimum needs of the growth period kitten and puppies. Although the nutrient utilization rate is high, it is not determined that the safety limit is not determined, so it is not used to guide the production of pet commodity grain.

    aafco, the English abbreviation of the American Feed Control Office. This is a consultant agency, which is composed of quality control personnel in the United States. It is responsible for ensuring that pet food is sufficient and balanced in the pet food industry and has a unified label to facilitate consumers to identify.

    90s, AAFCO established a pet nutrition committee, and members mainly came from cats and dog nutritionists from various universities and pet producers. The Pet Nutrition Committee is based on the common ingredients in pet foods. It has established the nutritional standards of cats and dogs. The minimum nutritional level of pet food is stipulated from the growth and reproduction period, adult maintenance period and other stages. The dosage needs to be cautious. This provision eventually became the industry standard for pet food.

    The component content after each cat food you buy, you can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of cat food according to the threshold specified in the table.

    Remember these main nutrition!

    In I presumably many people think that this watch is too complicated, and they are dazzling. Is there a simplified method of "lazy version"? In fact, as long as five or six types of nutritional ingredients are enough, the labels will be listed, usually these are these.

    1, crude protein ≥35%is high -quality cat food!

    It you must also know that cats must be sexually eaten sexually, and high -quality animal protein can meet the daily nutritional needs. Therefore, the crude protein in the nutritional component table must first pay attention.

    The recommended standard for crude protein is: ≥35%is high -quality cat food. The rough protein ratio of well -known grains is also around 40%.

    but because of the detection of crude protein, it is impossible to distinguish animal protein and plant protein. At this time, you need to lighten your eyes, and determine whether the ingredient table is determined by many plant proteins to improve the crude protein content in cat food.

    2, crude fat ≥18%.

    It fat is also an animal fat better than plant fat. Fat has the effect of beauty and skin care for cats, but too much can also lead to obesity and black chin.

    The fat content standard for high -quality cat food is ≥18%. The precise statement is between 18 ~ 25%.

    3, crude fiber ≤3%

    The role of crude fiber intake, just like eating cat grass to help digestion. Cellulose cannot be absorbed directly regardless of the human body and cats, but it can promote gastrointestinal motility, increase feptal water, and then discharge it. The role is to regulate the cat's intestinal digestive function.

    The proposed ratio of the rough fiber composition in high -quality cat food is ≤3%.

    4, magnesium ≤0.1%.

    The cats need magnesium, but too high magnesium in food will harm the urinary system, and low magnesium cat food is relatively healthy.

    5, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is 1.2: 1.

    A calcium and phosphorus are necessary for cat nutrition, but you need to pay attention to the proportion. If the calcium and phosphorus added in cat food are higher, pay special attention to the amount of drinking water for the cat.

    The proportion of the two is maintained at 1.2: 1. That is, the calcium ratio of 1.2 units of the unit of 1 unit. The proportion is usually: calcium ≤1.8%and phosphorus ≤ 1.5%. rnrn4、欧米茄3≥1.5%,欧米茄6≥3%rnrn欧米茄3脂肪酸(Omega3) 和欧米茄6脂肪酸(Omega6)都是必需脂肪酸,对心血管、 Fur and so on have good effects. For example, omega3 helps cats' hairy effects. The recommended ratio: Omega 3 fatty acids ≥1.5%, and Omega 6 fatty acids ≥3%.

    In cat food, ingredients such as linen seed oil added, in addition to providing fat, can also Omega3 and 6, marine fish is rich in Omega3, fresh meat is rich in Omega6, so they They are all good cat food raw materials.

    5, gray division ≤6%.

    The gray score is inorganic. Simply put, it is the residual substance after burning. Excessive gray may mean that the mineral content is too high, or the food raw materials are contaminated. The recommended ratio is ≤6%.

  2. In the ingredients of cat food, the most proportion is crude protein, and this data is very important for cats! In short, crude protein is the source of the cat's energy and supports the muscle growth of the cat! If the cat food is If the crude protein is low, it will easily dissolve the muscles, and the cat will become lazy and mentally. Generally speaking, the higher the crude protein content, the better. The criteria I usually buy are that the crude protein is higher than 30%, and adult cats are more suitable for 30%. For growth kittens, it is generally recommended to be more than 35%. Our cats have eaten Miaodoto cat food from childhood to childhood. The rough protein of kittens and cat food is about 38%. More than %, quite high in mid -to -high -end cat food.

    The thick fiber content of high -quality cat food, I am more inclined to control within 5%. Because the cat's gastrointestinal is sensitive to crude fiber, proper crude fiber helps gastrointestinal motility. If the crude fiber content is high, it will not be easy to digest and prone to dilute problems. The crude fiber content of some cat food can be within 3.5%. This is called low -sensitive cat food. It is highly recommended that Aikaman and Meishi kitcat cats are highly recommended. R n

    This is an important component of cat body tissue, and almost participate in all cell composition and repair. Cat's skin, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, organs contain fat. The lack of fat can easily cause a series of disease problems such as cat skin, increased dandruff, and rough fur and dryness.

    The fat content of cat food is generally 14-20%, which is basically about 45%of the crude protein content, which can make cats grow stronger. However, for old cats, the shoveling officer should pay special attention to the fat content when choosing cat food, and avoid them from getting fat and affecting their health. Generally, they are controlled within 10-14%. In order to make cats love cat food, some brands have worked hard to increase the content of crude fat, and finally gave the cat to obese. Therefore, we still have to boast a wave of Miaoduto cat food, 13%of the crude fat content, love ~

    The ratio of calcium and phosphorus in cat diet is very important. Too low calcium will cause cats to fracture and weakness. Even seizures and deaths; excessive calcium leads to growth problems or increased bone density; in addition, excessive calcium or too little can cause constipation. Insufficient phosphorus is very rare, but if it occurs, hemolytic anemia and acid -base imbalance can occur. Except for cats with damage to renal function, excessive phosphorus usually does not constitute a problem. Expert analysis said that the ideal ratio of cat food can ensure that your cat gets the most appropriate amount of calcium and phosphorus ratio, about 0.9: 1 to 1.5: 1. in.

    Finally, you have to talk about one of the important ingredients in cat food -taurine, it can improve the cat's night vision ability, protect heart function , During pregnancy, it is also very important, and it can only rely on external intake, so in the choice of cat food, you must ensure that there is a taurine !!! Essence The ingredient table of the cat food of Tang Enbei contains the composition of taurine.

  3. Cats are the most adorable and cute creatures in the world, so there are so many cat friends who are so fond of cats. There are cats in my family, but I ca n’t see it a few times a year, so every time I go home and think of it, I always run away like smoke. Unlike another old friend at home (a dog who has been raised for more than ten years), no matter how long he saw it, he seemed to have a first love.

    The cats at home, want to be unable, but the cats in the company can be casual, although they sometimes do well. When they arrived at the company, they were just born. Due to hunger, thin bones. The boss couldn't bear it, so he led them back to the company and grew up with us. In order to make them grow healthily, I took this opportunity to increase a lot of knowledge. First of all, the choice of kitten cat food.

    In general, cats can start eating cat food after weaning. The nutrition required for kittens is often more nutrition than cats. Especially during the rapid development period of 2 to 12 months after birth, protein, minerals, and vitamins are important considerations. There is a widely circulated kittens and cat food that the content of protein must be abundant, but the reality is that some manufacturers will increase the total amount of protein by adding plant protein in order to save costs.

    Ifins if you cannot provide sufficient nutrition for cats during the rapid development period, it is likely to cause cats to be low immunity and weak constitution. On the starting line.

    It, when the kittens are feeding cat food, they must eat less meals and provide kittens and cat food 3 to 5 times a day. Reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal system.

    Here, I recommend An An Youya Cat Cat Food for everyone.

    . It is a semi -circular particle, which is carefully designed according to the method of bite and chewing habits of the kittens, is small and crispy, and the palatability is good. The gastrointestinal micro -ecological environment helps the kittens grow healthily.

    The kittens, because the cat's teeth are relatively small, the gastrointestinal digestive system is relatively weak, but there are many nutritional needs, so when choosing a kitten cat food, the owner must not only consider the nutritional content of the product, Also consider palatability, whether it is convenient for chewing and other factors

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