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  1. Cat oral inflammation_ is a kind of inflammation of the cat's oral cavity, which can be a secondary or systemic disease in the oral cavity. The manifestation of inflammation can be local or diffuse.

    A general cats occur when cats occur, and the main manifestations are: drooling, oral odor, attack/central inhibitory, difficulty in eating/disagreement, difficulty in chewing, oral ulcers, mental sluggishness, reduced appetite, etc.

    This is a common disease in oral and pharynx diseases in pet cat digestive diseases. In the early stage, you can feed some commonly used non -prescription medicines, or consult online, and pay attention to observation. If the symptoms are not obvious or not in time, please go to the hospital for treatment nearby. After all, professional people do professional things.

    The pet cats suffer from oral inflammation. As long as the owner is treated in time, and actively take cooperative measures, cat's oralitis will be good, so the prognosis is good.
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