3 thoughts on “Do you need to watch it when you have a child?”

  1. 1. When the female cat produces, the owner does not need to watch it all the time, but if he can help the female cat, it is best to observe the cat's every move quietly. Most female cats will give birth in the early morning or evening, so the owner should pay more attention to these two time periods. But these two periods usually belong to the owner when the owner needs to rest or the busiest, the owner can ignore the female cat.
    2. When the female cat has a signs of childbirth, the owner is best to start paying close attention to the action and physical condition of the female cat. The owner should not disturb the normal life of the female cat at will, but you can quietly observe the motion of the female cat on the side, strengthen the management and care of the female cat during childbirth. When the female cat is difficult to give birth, the owner can help Female cats can be successfully produced to ensure the safety of female cats and milk cats.
    3. The symptoms that the female cat may occur before giving birth:
    (1) The abdomen of the female cat before delivery is significantly enlarged and drooping. The two rows of nipples that are not easy to see usage have become obvious.
    (2) The nipples of some female cats before giving birth can squeeze out clear or milky milk, and some even automatically flow out.
    (3) Mother cats often look for nests to do the delivery room before delivery, and often do not want to come out after entering the production box.
    (4) On the day of delivery, the female cat generally does not eat. Therefore, if there is no illness, the female cat suddenly stops eating, which is an important sign of childbirth.
    (5) 12 to 24 hours before giving birth, the body temperature of the female cat will drop significantly by about 1 ° C.
    (6) A few hours before giving birth, the female cat's uterus began to shrink. The female cat should feel pain and uncomfortable, and the spirit became anxious, lying on the side of the birth nest, breathing shortly.
    (7) The female cat may drink a lot of water during the pain. If there is a mucus out of the mother cat's delivery channel, it means that it is about to give birth again.

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