5 thoughts on “What should I do if I like cats and dogs?”

  1. Friends who like pets have a feature that they like small animals. Originally, a dog had been raised in the family, and I wanted to raise a cat, but I was worried that cats and dogs were born to be an enemy. So can cats and dogs be mixed? The answer is yes, you can raise it together, but there are certain conditions. First of all, we must understand the habits of cats and dogs. There are many ways to express emotions when cats and dogs express emotions. The dog stretches out its claws and expresses friendly, but it seems to be provocative to the cat's eyes; the dog is more loyal and obedient to the owner's order. But they all have a commonality, that is, all people's pets, and they live on the breeding of people, so they must obey people's restrictions and behavioral specifications.

    Cats and dogs meet for the first time. The dog will take the initiative to approach the cat. Adult cats will definitely not accept the dog's enthusiastic reception method. As a result, the two sides forged a grievance. Generally speaking, adult cats and dogs are more alert, and kittens and dogs are relatively simple and easy to get along. Therefore, when you want to raise cats and dogs, one of them must be young. Moreover, when they start to live together, it is best to keep the dogs first and keep a certain distance from the cats. After they are familiar with the smell of each other, they will let go of the dog. Of course, if it is a kittens and a dog, it will be better. You do n’t need to worry about it, they will accompany you for life in harmony!

  2. The cat was raised at first! I suggest that you do n’t raise dogs. I often listen to lectures about small animals. The teacher initially said: a little owner raised a cat and had a good relationship with the cat. After that, there was a dog. How much love dog love than cats, (because you are familiar with the cat, you don't like it as before.) Then the cat must be in a bad mood. Blood flow. It's really like this! Even though you think you divide love to two small animals on average, you always feel that it is not true!

  3. As long as the dog does not grab the meal with the cat, or if you don't like some cats that you don't like, you will not happen.

  4. It depends on the specific personality. Some cats and dogs can get it together, and there are also bad temper
    , but it is best to choose one of the two, cats and dogs always have a headache!

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