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  1. Unable to make work.
    The method of making blue cats is as follows:
    1. The color of hard sand used in the game is: black, gray, dark gray, red, pink, orange, white and white.
    2. Place 2 of the same color hard sand in the middle of the two -grid gray hard sand block.
    3, after the step 2 is completed, 4 grid white hard sand blocks are placed on the middle gray hard sand block.
    4, wrap it in dark gray hard sand, and then put 2 dark gray hard sand pieces on one side.
    5. Another deep gray hard sand block is placed on the side of the extension, and then placed a dark gray hard sand block, a white hard sand block, and finally knocked out the deep -gray hard sand block of the bottom end. Essence
    6, the kitten's body is ready, we start to be a kitten neck, color order: red pink orange red.
    7, take 4 pink hard sand blocks in the middle two grids, and stack it in two columns.
    8, then placed 4 white hard sand blocks in the same position.
    9. The pink hard sand blocks placed in step 7 as the symmetry center, and white hard sand blocks are placed on both sides.
    10, the black hard sand blocks are placed on each center position, and 2 grids on each side of the hard sand block are placed vertically. This is the eyes of the kitten.
    11. Use dark gray hard sand blocks to fill the empty part of the kitten face.
    12. Fill the pink hard sand blocks in the gap in the figure below. After the placement is placed, use dark gray hard sand blocks to cover the pink cat ear.
    13, finally put some black hard sand blocks on both sides of the kitten face, making the beard of kittens. This is complete.

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