2 thoughts on “Why are more and more people raising pet cats and dogs and so on”

  1. Originally vowed not to answer the question this week, I couldn't help but answer one:

    This is because of society's progress. One of the signs. People in modern society are becoming more and more independent, and aging is getting more and more serious. Pets are the sustenance of human feelings, which can effectively meet people's psychological needs. Raise cats and dogs. By caring for small animals, playing with small animals, watching the feelings and experience of watching small animals by relying and trusting by small animals can bring a lot of happiness and relax it. Suppressing. Therefore, nourishing pets can not only make people happy, but also help reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases, reduce the burden of national medical care, etc., and benefit the country and the people.

    The family of pets can get rid of the sense of loneliness and enrich the life of the old age; when you go home after working, you can play with pets to relax and forget your troubles. Cultivate a sense of responsibility, and understand the natural laws of life, sickness and death in the life cycle of small animals, which is very good for children's physical and mental development!

  2. not understand! Why did everyone like to raise dogs before, but there are more and more cats now?

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