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  1. There is a small animal rescue center, in Xiqing. However,
    Themores of China Small Animal Protection Association-Statement on the issue of Tianjin branch issues Release time: 2005-08-18 16:52:59
    (1) Tianjin City does not have "China Animal Protection Association Tianjin Branch" In the past, there was no, none of the future.
    If according to the regulations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, such as the first -level community of the Chinese Animal Protection Association, regional branches can be set up in various regions of the country. Such regional branches must not be called "branch". Only (1) can only be called the association's XX regional office (or liaison office); (2) the work committee of the association XX regional work committee. Such branches have no legal representatives, no basic accounts, only ordinary accounts, official seal, and documents. The recruited members belong to the association's headquarters. Therefore, Mr. Zhao Shouxiang, the owner of the Tianjin Dabao House, in early 2001, the so -called "" "Tianjin Branch of the Chinese Animal Protection Association" by the Chinese pet network in China in early 2001. "
    (2) In the summer of 2002, the Chinese Small Animal Protection Association once sent the materials of the branch of several regions to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Tianjin was one of them. Ms. Li Aiwen, a retired middle school teacher.
    In 2002 to report the application materials to the two ministrys in 2002, and before the Civil Affairs Ministry of the Civil Affairs was approved in June 2004, the Chinese Animal Protection Association's office was in Jin. Neither listing nor registered online.
    (3) At the end of the 2004 annual inspection (2003), the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the approved u003C> documents and issued the association. However, Ms. Li Aiwen, the original person in charge of the branch, still insisted on cooperating with Mr. Zhao Shouxiang (in fact relying on Mr. Zhao Shouxiang), saying that if the association rejects her request, she will no longer ask the matter. At this time, the association has found that Mr. Zhao has been engaged in dog selling business. Therefore, the association decided to temporarily delay the establishment of the Tianjin branch, and the documents issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs were temporarily preserved by the headquarters.
    For a year, the association has been looking for a suitable person in charge for the Tianjin branch. Once a member of the charter and the principals of branches, Tianjin's u003C> can be officially established.
    (4) Shortly after the certificate of the Ministry of Civil Affairs was issued in 2004, Li Aiwen came to Beijing to ask for a certificate and refused to be the association. So Ms. Li asked to refund the application fee of 3,000 yuan that year. However, the association believes that the application of the Tianjin office with Comrade Li Aiwen as the person in charge has been successfully sued.

    This Chinese animal protection association

    August 18, 2005

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