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    Pets after breeding, people will become diligent, because pets often get some common skin diseases. For example, friends who raise cats know that cats are particularly prone to cat ringworm during the spring and summer. Some cats even have a lot of erythema on the surface of the skin.
    . What should I do if the cat grows with erythema? Do not panic during this period. As shoveling officers, remember not to use medicine blindly for cats. So what should I do at this time?
    Is when the cat is found to have erythema, the first step is to disinfect the cat's skin. The method of disinfection can use non -toxic and harmless disinfection water to clean the indoor environmental hygiene. In addition, it must be washed and replaced with the utensils used by cats on time.
    It after doing a good job of environmental and basic disinfection, it is cracked treatment of this erythema. The reason for causing cats to skin erythema is likely to be infected with other viruses, so we must disinfect the cat house. Later, you can buy appropriate external plaster for erythema. For this plaster, non -toxic side effects must be used, 0 stimulus, 0 odor plaster. why? In fact, many shoveling officers should know, because cats are very afraid of stimulation.
    Finally, the cat owner needs to be patient. After all, the recovery of cats takes time.
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  2. It ’s skin disease. My cat infection was the symptoms before my cat ~~~ You can take a bath to take a bath for him. Once once a week, when you take a shower gel, take it on your body, then massage 6- In 8 minutes, just wash it off with water. Finally, remember to dry it. The clothes that you usually touch must be completely disinfected. The nest is often moved to the sun.

  3. There are several reasons that cause red dots on cats. For example, there are parasites on cats. At this time, the owner needs to take the cat to the pet hospital in time to diagnose the type of parasites, and then disinfect the environment around the cat; it may also be that cats have skin diseases, such as eczema, etc. At this time, you need to need Using drug treatment, the affected area should also be sprayed with drugs and so on. The cat's skin is relatively fragile, and if there is an abnormality, you need to see it in time.

  4. Hello, I suggest you go to the pet hospital to take a look. There are red spots for no reason on the kitten. You have to go to the hospital to see if it is dermatitis or what skin diseases, and go to early treatment.

  5. Then you should take her to the hospital to check it well. I went to the pet hospital. I ca n’t let him continue. What should I do if I go? Do n’t do this. Take it to your pet hospital tomorrow. If you have any diseases, you can treat it early!

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