1 thought on “Is it okay to eat the mouse so dirty cat?”

  1. The mouse is so dirty, and it doesn't matter if the cat eats it.
    Pet cats after eating mice, overall clean. As long as the mouse is not sick, the problem of cats eating mice will not be great. Under normal circumstances, pet cats do not eat mice. After eating mice, the owner regularly removes insects for the cat and disinfect his feet.
    Is about cat catching mice for demand, German scientists have done research. Cats themselves cannot generate a necessary amino acid -taurine, but this substance is particularly needed. Telonic acid can increase the cat's night vision, allowing cats such as nightling animals to act freely in the night. In addition, taurine also has the role of promoting brain development and helping to maintain normal internal organs.
    The method of eliminating mice
    The method of mouse method of physical chemistry: that is, the method of device extinguishing mouse, sticking mouse plate, mouse catcher, homemade mouse catcher, physical method and techniques of physical extinguishing mice diverse It is accompanied by chemical methods, and they are all applied and effective. Drugs can be divided into intestinal poison and mouse extinguishing rats, fumigating mice, and can be used for warehouses and ships to fumigate rats.
    This chemicals that extinguish mice are mainly organic compounds, followed by inorganic compounds and wild plants and their extracts. Gastrointestinal extinguishing mouse drugs require a good palatability for rats, not refusing to eat, and proper toxic power.

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